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funny you should mention that, geckster. it was your own members page photo that led me to my attempt at posting a photo. all that showed up was the numbers though. oh well... 7, 8, 9 8^)
Re: Re: Re: testing
Oh... yeah, Slothy stripped the messages of img src. Only ice members can put photos up at this point. :)
Re: Re: Re: Re: testing
that's cool... probably for the best 8^] keep it clean and all that...

just out of curiosity [i know i'm far from qualifying at this point] but how does one become "ice" ?
and after doing so what are your duties?
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: testing
You have to ask to join by sending them an email with some samples of your work. Click the "about" section on the main menu. *points up*
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: testing
thanks for the info [i was just curious]... i think i'll just hang out and enjoy the ride for now.
btw i peeked at your tiles and really like your stuff!
Re: testing
10, 11, 12... ©¿©
ohhh those are yours?
Wow, I fell in love with those last ones with the metal chains and beads and hearts and flowers. They look like I could reach into the tile and touch them. Thanks for your support, and I still think your boat bottom under the water was perfect for the top or second from the top tile in the Submarine Ride. BTW how do I list my favorite tilers like you and others have listed, cause you would be in my list.
Re: ohhh those are yours?
hi BluJeann, glad you stayed. thanks for the complement. your faves show up automatically by casting votes. i believe 4 favorites is the max. so, the four people you voted for most often will be your faves. peace
I'm 40 going on 12
*smile*, I thought I was the old fart in here.
Re: I'm 40 going on 12
who you calling an old fart? hahaha ;^)
this is simon Bisley's "lobo" !!!!

do you have an "aim"
mine is jito aka otij

see ya
Re: hey
cool, you know lobo!
lobo has been my favorite comic for a few years now.
my aim is merahmudanaga
hey man
thanks for the comment on that mountain tile.

i wanted to say sorry for anything ive said in the past, cause even thought it might have been true, i could have made it sound nice, or something. or just of let it fix itself.

your a really good tiler now, i have been amazed by quite a few of your tiles.
Re: hey man
no prob bro. anyway like you said i learned [still learning] from what was said and what i've seen here and hopefully it is fixing itself now ;o]
thanks for your complements and i'll try to live up to them.

Hello Rag....Tony
hello Tony i have made some adjustments in my homepage tell my your opinion about them, i think that the copyrigth stuff is less intrusing, i have maked it look like a watermark, but please see it your self and tell my what do you think.
Re: Hello Rag....Tony
yes Luis ;o)
the artwork is still protected and still very enjoyable.
i like the "watermark" much better.
The name is Bizarro
why you have not been invited? i thougth that you ´ill be invited, you haded straits 5 in the Dalí quilt, you migth wanna ask Root88 for an invitation if you have time.
I am glad you liked the new tiles, i worked on ´em a lot of time, so i am happy that the scores are good.
Are you italian?
i was wondering?
Re: Are you italian?
i am Romanian, Armenian, Irish and Dutch... my mom and dad liked Tony Curtis movies a lot ;o) haha

i am from California, now living in north eastern USA.

how about yourself Luis?
hello Tony
I have changed the design of my page a little bit, they are thumbnails for you to pic, and larger images, plus i have uploaded, my first big digital painting,
please i would really apresiate if you could tell me how does the page looks,
and how the painting looks too.

*the painting is in the cience ficcion gallery*

send me a mail
[email protected]
Or post something in my post seccion

home page


I am mexican as far a i can remember, i have not left my home country all my
life but i will in time and with money.
I glad that you liked the acrilyc of River World,
is greate that you have read the River World series!

could you write your favorite authors here

well see ya later Tony
hola Luis
i haven't checked your site's new design yet but i will.

some of my favorite authors are...

well Farmer of course, james tiptree jr, ursula k leguin, greg bear, c j cherryh, gregory benford, orson scott card, isaac asimov, arthur c clark, michael swanwick, philip k dick, poul anderson, cordwainer smith, ... etc

is probably my favorite of all... interestingly james tipree jr was a 'nombre de la pluma' for Alice Bradley Sheldon. at the age of 72 she and her husband entered into a suicide pack rather than face a slow death from old age.

James Tiptree Jr Website

talk to you later,
Re: hola Luis
(my favorite cience ficcion author is Robert A. Heilen and the books that i belive that are the best from him are "the number of the beast" "the stelar beast" and "The 100 lifes of Lazarus Long"

Oh and a book named "Where have you been the last pluterday" i just can´t remember the dam author i will tell you his name later.

"Tiger, tiger" From Alfred Bester

Athur C. Clark
Larry Niven
Philip K. Dick
Jack Vance
F. Phol
J. T. Bass("The whale goodess" i loved this series!)

well this are some of them see ya later :)
i like the way in wich they died one should be able to decide to live or not.
do pesonaly o want to die old in an good bed and sleeping if posible, after haveing lived a forfilling and tastefull in sorrows and happyness life.
"happyness is the contrast that one makes from sorrow
then sorrow is happyness in some way".
Re: Re: hola Luis
yes agree with your philosophy of life... the bad makes the good soooo much sweeter ;o)

thanks for naming some of your favorite authors. you mentioned some of mine that i couldn't think of... plus some books i hadn't heard of yet. i will try to read them soon.
16 may 2002
happy birth day tony!!!
my best wishes are with you
Re: 16 may 2002
I did not know it was your birthday but never the less happy birthday Tony!

(Estas son las mañanitas que cantaba el rey david...)a folkor song in my country for people in their bithrday.
Mystety user
Re: Re: 16 may 2002
happy birthday! :)
hey it's my dad's birthday too :/
Re: 16 may 2002
hey thanks guys! :o)

happy birthday to your dad too greg!
yeah baby...
i have voted 1000 times!
Re: yeah baby...
Re: yeah baby...
I still be the king tho! =)
much appreciated ;o)
just wanted to say a big THANKYOU to everyone who coined me
holy crap!
1,000 points...
Re: holy crap!
Yeah! Great job :)
Re: Re: holy crap!
thanks, time flies when you're having fun ;o)
Mystety user
:( however
thanks for the borders ;) :)
Re: :( however ???
np greg, i try to send good borders... i usually cut off the edges i'll be sending and view them seperately to make sure they're ok before i upload.

not sure which quilt or borders you mean though :o) ???
he he sorry i got to excited...
...so i did not pay enougth atencion to the theme:)

yup Tony i agree send the tile back to me if u feel like it is necesary i won´t get upset or anything, :) :D really it was a fun tile to do, i dont mind do a more landscape suited version of it :) ;0)

It is ur call re-send me the tile if u want, i will not get mad or anything , Really ;)
Hey you
Thanks for the coin :-)