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hello my name is Luis Felipe
hello, I am 4 semestre studet of arts in the city of Xalapa, Veracruz; México.
I like digital painting, i think that it is the future.
I am mostly autodidact, i have not taken any digital painting clases, because here (i mean my city) this kinda of art does not have to much difuccion.

My goal si to achive, a natural paint look in my dital paintigs.

I don´t own a wacom tablet but i belive tha this is good because with a mouse i ejersitate more my pulse with the computer.

My home page is: http://www.geocities.com/maxetormer/
the design of the page is all digitaly painted, with my mouse, the drawings inside are made with traditional tecniques.

visit and make some coments about it.

feel free to mail me about anythig my mail is [email protected]
i kinda can speak spanish, i passed spanish one, and the first semester of spanish 2, still need to retake that class.

im glad you like my tiles, cause yours kick ass, so that makes me feel nice

how was your 420?
Re: hey
Nice but i had lot lots and lots of homework form the university so i did not had to much time to relax.

Tan tan tan tan... you get the grand price for being the firts people to write in my post seccion.

thaks for the coment about my tiles, greatly apresiated.

i will upload more art during the week if posible.
darn i hate to make essays
have to go to the library, o well o hope to have time to make some tiles today, darn school some times a want to send it to....and some times not.
Re: darn i hate to make essays
well, im honored to be the first person to post here, you are a truly great artist. jito, greg and all the rest should really watch out.

maybe im the first cause you havent been talk to people that much, you have less than 50 posts so far. im shure once you get comfertable here youll be talking alot, cause your tiles will bring up alot of praise.

did i win a tan, doesnt look like it, im still ghost white. lol, maybe a little more tan than a ghost.
Re: Re: darn i hate to make essays
I think that i will follow your advise.
Thaks for the opinions, if posible visit my homepage and make some comments about it.
I uploaded some digital art to my site check ´em out they are in the cience ficcion seccion.
Re: digital
i didnt see those before, there really good. please make tutorials :)
Re: Re: digital
thaks ´íll see what i can do about that, thanks for seeing my page tell your friends about it hehehehe
new digital art in mi site
I have so far 3 digital paintings in my site, they are in the cience ficcion seccion.
what's the name...
of the quilt you're working on now Luis? your newest tiles are very cool :o), but i haven't been invited so i can't see them in context. what is the quilt's title, so i can watch for it to be completed?
Re: what's the name...is
why you have not been invited? i thougth that you ´ill be invited, you haded straits 5 in the Dalí quilt, you migth wanna ask Root88 for an invitation if you have time.
I am glad you liked the new tiles, i worked on ´em a lot of time, so i am happy that the scores are good.
Hey Tony
the name of the quilt is BIZARRO
ho Luis
i got invited after all... i think Ted [the computer] misplaced my invitation :o)
Re: ho Luis great!
GOOD!!!!!! I hope to see your tiles soon! :)
oh! i love the way u draw birds ;)

everything i seen in design is amazing
cartel , postal and designo .

and this "Acrilic painting for the book of River World by Phillip José Farmer"
is the one i like made with acrylic

hope to see more soon...

jito aka phpnuke.fr

Re: comts&crits
I am glad you liked the River World one, is one of my favorites too
(have you read the book? is fantastic if not i recomed it greatly!)

I hope to hear more critics (i will look forward to see your tiles in the bizarro quilt)

(pst* i will upload a big digital paintig soon, keep seening my page once in a while)

What is?: (jito aka phpnuke.fr)human curiosity
i agree ... i like that painting the best of your acylics... i love science fiction and i read the whole "river world" series... Farmer is one of my favorite authors ;o)
bueno luis ...
no tendras "icq" (www.icq.com) or "aim" (www.aim.com) esos
messengers ?
asi podemos hablar mas*

el señor raganaga y greg tambien estan en aim
aunque greg es muy raro verle
en estos momentos

bueno yo estoy tambien todo el tiempo
en "efnet" relays chat (www.mirc.com)

hasta luego

ps: my icq || 37988077 ||
my aim = jito aka otij
Re: bueno luis ...bueno Jito
Baje de internet el icq, pero casi no lo he usado, casi
todos mis amigos en México usan el messenger the microsoft windows, asi
que soy nuevo en el uso de menssagers de otras compañias.

Te tratare de buscar en el icq voy a investigar acerca de ese otro
sistema que llamas "aim".

tal ves te vea luego en uno de esos chats rooms

(¿donde aprendiste español?, porque es bastante bueno)

tal vez aprenda frances, el aprender idiomas simepre me ha llamado
la atencion)

Chido! grasias por escribirme

(I write in spanish cause you seem to write it, and understad it well, if
you can´t get some of the above text don´t hesitate to tell me)
GOT TO:::::::
100 points i am happy as hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
just a test...
to see how the code works

Mystety user
x photo
I see you are having trouble with your photo, too.
apparently, geocities doesn't allow linkage of that sort XP

the price to pay for free webspace
Re: x photo
Rats! now i get it!, i guess i have to find another web system to put my photo,
o well is not a big deal :) :?
low but not for long
I bee a little low in tiling (darn school) but i will do some on the weekend to catch up and to get coins!
do i only get to do 2 tiles in the grayscale one, i will do some more on the complementari colors quilt! :) :¿
A big thanks to everybody for the coins, to: GRRR, raganaga, Jito, wirewolf () and greg
I thanks all the people that have given me coins so much apresiated :) :)
...exams have started,....*sigth* :(
Mystety user
Re: My...
good luck :)
Re: Re: My...
´ill be back aprox. in july 25.
just to let everybody know that i am not dead...:)
Re: ´ill be back aprox. in july 25.
that's good news Luis ;o]

i wondered where you'd been... summer vacation i guess. maybe jito will get back into it by then too. i miss tiling with you guys.
Re: Re: ´ill be back aprox. in july 25.
Actually still in exams (here the exames are very very very long), i have to make a huge amount of work (drawings) for the art university so i didn´t have time to tile , thanks for reading and posting man :) my vacations starts in between the 12 and the 20 of july, (depending on the darn teacher) well see ya :)
Re: Re: Re: ´ill be back aprox. in july 25.
wow! that's over a month of exams! i bet you know what you're doing if you can pass a month of exams. here it's usually referred to as "exam week".

i'm sure you'll do well in the art exams. see you tiling again soon, paz ;o]
hola //hi
i have found a nice
free site host for your site

unlimited space and bandwith
& always up

hello fellas!
I have changed the desgin of my home page,
go and check it out, and make some commentas on the guest book, i added 2 new digital pantings too :)
see ya.
Re: hello fellas!
your new site is amazing!!!
Re: Re: hello fellas! hola
Is nice to see that your are still around here:)
(kinda miss your fun jokes.)

Thanks Jito, the homepage that you recomended to me works very good
i am happy that you liked the new design of the page:)
i hope to see more tiles of you, your borders are always fun to do. :)
see ya.
I have been recibing...
...some coins lately so this post is to thanks to all people for their hard earned coins :) i am very happy:):)
i have updated...
...my home page i have made a new gallery check it out :)

bw thanks for the ants coin greg:)
Mystety user
Re: i have updated...
yeah, how do you get them to sparkle like that?
looks like automotive candy apple paint. >:)

Re: Re: i have updated...
Wow!! thanks greg, i am honored, a complemet in my higthligth from the master of the sparkle brigths and glares, your use of ligth is great :)
( i have to ask,...
do you mean this to the ants tile or to the images in the gallery?)
Re: Re: Re: i have updated...
After a few research in the net on the words "automotive candy apple paint" i have gotten to the conclusion that your comment is refered to the ants tile am i rigth? (sorry english not being my primary lenguage i kinda don´t get some stuff little things but still.)
Actually i kinda use your use of ligth to make my own tiles, your tiles gave me ideas of how to use ligth, so as i said your use of ligth and glares are one of the best i have seen in long time.
i mixe some suff from all the people around here, jito, tony and you have been my primary influences in my tiles:).
Re: Re: Re: Re: i have updated...
rename your indexa.htm in index.htm or main.htm

i explain to you
if you go here we can't access your site(404)
i dunno if you submited your site to answerz or yahoo or altavista or anything

but it is always better to have an index.htm(l) or main.htm(l)
that any browser know is the starting page.

ps: dime.. cual barrio vives en mejico?
tengo una amiga en mejico me gustaria saber
si estais cerca :D
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: i have updated...
I will check this problem you told me about my homepage thanks for telling me:)
I have just e-mailed my adress to your mail.
Mystety user
Re: Re: Re: Re: i have updated...
well, thanks, man.
I can't say enough how tiles has improved my skill and creativity.
here's a couple tiles from one my all time favorite tilers, jmaguire

I'm sure I'm picking up stuff from you, too :)

ps. cool graphic novel cover

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: i have updated...
thanks greg here are some of my favorites too
thanks for the complemet on my grafic novel:)

url: http://tiles.ice.org/tile_info_surreal.php?quilt_id=76&tile_id=12315

url: http://tiles.ice.org/tile_info_surreal.php?quilt_id=37&tile_id=7474

url: http://tiles.ice.org/tile_info_surreal.php?tile_id=11920
I just ...
...have recived so many tastefull coins this days that i have to thank all the people that have give to me their hard earned coins.

thank so much for all the coins fellas u made my day one of the most happy ones i had in long time :)

long life to ICE :)
Re: I just ...
Indeed, but you earned them.

It seems, though I may be wrong, that your "Fall in Fire" tile on the van Gogh quilt has already ammassed more coins than any other single tile (aside from Slothy's, perhaps). And if I am wrong, it will probably catch up in time.
i am...
...in my two weeks of university examns here so, i ´ill be waching but problably not tiling for the next 2 weeks :)

long life to ICE!!!!! :D