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Ohhhh I am soooooo embarassed
***blush*** I'm a middle aged mother of a whole bunch of kids. The oldest went on line when he was a teen and I have been following his work ever since, it's a mothers right after all ya know. So he's turned me on to the net, and I am hooked. Lets just hope I can stay out of trouble now.
Re: Ohhhh I am soooooo embarassed
Welcome. :D

(And they say old dogs can't learn new tricks...) (Oh, I'll bet you saw that one coming.) (Ouch.)
ANd just who you calling a dawg??? ='P


Happy week of love and romance everyone.
Re: DOUH!!
Sorry... I mean.. bunny. :)
Hey BluJeann
... quit giving youself a -5 on all your tiles 8^) that gets averaged in with the other votes [i believe] and your making it rough on those of us who give you a decent score haha. give yourself more credit. vote a positive number for your own stuff or not at all. a -5 means you think you've ruined the quilt, and i don't think you've done that at all.
Re: Hey BluJeann
actually, in this case I believe it means she would prefer more time to practice on the newbie quilts. Nothing so drastic as ruining the quilt. Am I right?
Re: Hey BluJeann
I gave myself a -5 on all my tiles so I could have more time to practice in the newbies quilt, it's what someone from iCE told me to do in the message board in the newbies quilt we're working on now. But because everyone thought I needed scored higher it upped my points and has taken me back out of the quilt again now, so there ya go.
Re: Re: Hey BluJeann
eek! i'm one of those who voted you out of the newbies i guess. sorry? i just now saw what you were up to. 8^)
Re: Re: Re: Hey BluJeann
Ahhhh yes there is a method to the madness........he he he that's all right, got your email 2 and will respond later. Thanks ^5.
Re: Re: Re: Re: Hey BluJeann
FYI: you can change your vote on any tile or piece of artwork on the site.
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Hey BluJeann
Request to the collective, please lover your votes on my tiles so I can get some more practice in the newbies before moving onto the mainquilters and mess up their quilts. Not that I want special treatment but I could use a break, after all I did give birth to five kids, and three of them at one time in this life, it's made me move a little slower I'm afraid than the rest of you. I know I have it in me to do better work, I was an asppirering artist when I was younger. I was especially good with pen and ink once. Maybe we could do a sketchers quilt, jsut using like a pencile stroke set at a small setting. That could be interesting. I remember loving to work with pastels too, how about a pastels stroke quilt for Easter. Oh that's one, how about an egg hunt quilt...we could hide easter eggs in our tiles.
cool idea
i like the pastel easter eggs idea [strokes only would be very interesting].
Easter is right around the corner too. 8^)

i really hate to give a negative score to anyone. i never have before. but if it's what you want and it will get you another quilt i'll try to force myself...
that was hard...
i changed all my votes. it wasn't fun [at first... haha]. it got easier though. almost... what's the word... cathartic. yeah it was kinda cathartic!

just holler when you want honest opinions on your tiles and i'll switch em back 8^) peace
Thanks guys
I apreciate the handicap, I can really work on my blending now. Those look more like honest scores too, if my scores progress now evenly as my skills progress I should make a five in another ten tiles.
Re: Thanks guys
Looks like your scores are sufficiently low to keep you here for now...

I'll go and add some more -5s to them if you want though...
Re: Re: Thanks guys
That would be fine with me, I'm in no hurry. Been studying the site and reading all the advice that has been givne through quilts in days gone by. I like absorbing the styles, and I'm working on becoming familure with more of the tools and features in the program I am using.