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This tile is from Tribute To A Zdzislaw Beksinski Nightmare

Comment: just because i wear a silly grin
Checked out at: July 13, 2004
Checked in at: July 14, 2004
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Great tile and I vote 5!
... but... I think it was obvious that you have the half of face on the border. Why didn't you continue it, but just cut it off? :) )
Re: Great tile and I vote 5!
yes you are correct, i could see it was probably a face. and actually i did continue it, it is not cut off. but rather than just try to mirror the other half exactly, i was trying to show decaying, and rotten swelling, and bones as Beksinski does in some of his pieces. it looked to me like a rotting corpse is what greg was going for as well. i don't think i captured Beksinski's style yet, but i think the blend from greg's tile to mine works, and doesn't look cut off at all. to me at least anyway.

do you really think it looks out of place?
Re: Re: Great tile and I vote 5!
No, no, no... I don't think so. I think it's OK, and even more, I think it is great - In collaboration with Greg's tile it looks even interesting, but the upper user... i think the user which draw tile up to your tile :) , he definatly have no idea about the fact that he have to continue the face - kind of risky - but we will see.

(Actually I was trying to make tile up to this. Thanx god, I had no time to finish it, becouse it will not feat the quilt)
Re: Re: Re: Great tile and I vote 5!
yes i see what you mean. yes it was risky :o) jito took that spot above and made it work quite well though. so i guess i got away with it this time :oD

i really enjoy your elephantic ugly guy tile, i hope you will make more tiles here.
thanks again...
...mruser :oD