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This tile is from Themed Quilt

Comment: mannequin5
Checked out at: November 21, 2002
Checked in at: November 22, 2002
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very nice, 5+
a glacier-victim?
Mystety user
i was gonna say
this would go good with one of damien dark's biochemia tiles,
then I see one's right over there :) I also like how you turned maxe's
bird wings into ribs :D nice tile, +5er
thanks guys and gals
yup, it's supposed to be an android that perished in the wilderness. glacier or sand dune, either one.

thanks to Luis and Andrei for the interesting borders too ;o)
Re: thanks guys and gals
u are wellcome Tony nice tile , love it +5

I should get some coins so that i can give away some :)
thanks for the cash Luis ;o)
there are a lot of cool tiles right now, on the 'Themed' quilt and the 'Van Gogh' quilt, that i'd give coins to if i wasn't broke [again]... so i really appreciate this coin. :o)