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First I'd like to say that this here is the coolest thing I've found on the internet thus far. It really helps improve my drawing skills and the overall outcome of the quilts is very amazing and crazy.
I've really enjoyed Long Island Eddie's style since the Newbies III(I started a week ago) and now in addition, I think Jmaguire is an awesome artist in a world of his own.

hey I found apretty good system for avoiding hard lines if anyone's interested.
what I do is right away select the area I'm to draw in, then inverse it, copy it, then paste it on a new layer. then when I draw on the layer underneath, I can see exactly how it's gonna blend.
only thing you gotta remember is that you're saving in psd (or whatever other graphic program with layers uses) be sure that when yer done save back to jpeg or png. I accidently sent a blank tile because of that. Luckily it's been resolved.
anyway, I think the quilt's coming along fine, regardless of what that gecko said. j/k
peace out homefires(friess)

Re: tiles
hey greg... you've been bashing out tiles like a maniac - you should join us on the irc too... like your work... ciao
Re: tiles
What I do, if you are using Photoshop, create an 'action' of creating new layer, then set a selction of 128x128 at (16,16), then mask and select your RGB channel.
Now you can draw all you want on the new layer and it will not show anything that is drawn on the border, so you can create a seamless tile no problem. And if you want a new layer just play the action again. And again and again, no more add new layer stuff.
Re: Re: tiles
ah. that would be too irritating for me.. I sometimes have up to 25 layers and add new ones and delete and stuff all the time... I have a layer with the borders on the top and never modify it - it works for me...
Re: Re: Re: tiles
Yeah, I beleive to each is own, I used to have the border on the top layer but some things that I do don't like it, I just keep it as a background layer.
This ain't all too bad, what I do, I mean you just hit the play button in the action whenever you want a new layer, it does all the work for you. I can still delete/add layers or merge'em whenever I want, just the same as you.
What works for one doesn't always work for another. :)
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Re: Re: Re: Re: tiles
I think we can all agree that you don't want to mess with the original border.. once you do that, you start adding off of stuff that you put there that wasn't there originally. So whether it's layered below, or above, keep the border clean.
come on, man!
You need to join us in the irc chat! We'd have loved to have had you there tonight while the Lab tiling was going crazy! :) In case you don't know, it's irc.ice.org in #tiles
Stop on by!
Thinking of you today...
Hi Greg,
How've you been? Gee, it looks like you've really been doing it up with your tiling and having fun out here. I am sorry for my absence as often as I am not here and playing, but I spend alot of time out on the internet writing commentary about America's situation and have made a temporary transition to the political arena. I spend time on MSN/Worldwide Unity creating literary work as approach it with all of the zeal that I once had for tiling. There was a day when another tiler asked me to refrain from doing so many tiles and to give others the chance to do a few, and her observations sort of took the wind out of my sails. I love tiling but I could see her point when she declared that it seemed like every other tile on the quilt was mine. There are so many wonderful people out there on ice, good spirits and good hands and without exception for anyone, I'll always hold them in high regard. I want you to continue as you've been doing because I see that there is a great future awaiting you at the end of your mouse. I have always liked your work and considered you to be a formidable contestant and an avid competitor.There have been so many worthwhile influences on the board and I always liked your spirit and your communicative comments. You are a good person Greg and you are with other good people here. I hope that you find a home here alongside of great people like Shaun Root, Kenny Jinks, Oskar Holmstrand, Whirlwind (Katherine),Beth Sumner Jon "Slothy", Feathre, Judy Schmidt, John McGuire, Antaydos, CyberX and of course, Tonchy Z. Actually, I could list just about everyone out here, for there are so many wonderful souls, certainly too many to name within this thread without userping my megabyte limit.
I will continue to show up here because I love what ice has done for me in the quiet way that it has helped to "round me out" and made a better person of me than when I arrived. I got here complete with a narrow minded attitude and once thought that the world owed me a living. I came, full of piss and vinegar and a really obstinate point of view, wanting to do things my own way and unwilling to listen to the thoughtful advice offered by those who knew better. This website has contributed much to me in helping to change a once, poor outlook, into a guy who's pleased, as well as proud, to be among them and to follow their lead. I am now very close to attaining a score of 300 points but having done so much bad work as I started out with, it's been a long and worthwhile trip for which I have no regret. The management has allowed me to continue and with the few tiles that I have yet to see of mine come in to the Knots quilt, I just may make that 300 points! I'd like you to turn and help your fellow artists wherever you may find them, people like Mariawe, Henrik First,Tine, Jito, Lazyass69 (Syzygy), who are just getting their feet wet and warming up to tiling. Let me say that it has been a pleasure to interplay with you in this effort to make art and that I've enjoyed countless hours here at ICE. Well Greg, I'm off to write some more commentary about the war and the shit that's happening here on the planet. I'll stop by every few days and check on you but until then, I want you to continue your education here and continue to uplift others who may become as good as you have become. Your work has it's greatest quality in the diverse range of imagery that you are able to approach and submit, with so many feelings expressed within your 128 pixel limit. Keep enjoying the doobitch and broaden your horizon with whatever mind altering substances that give you the keen insight and wholesome flavor that shines in the artwork that leaves your desktop and arrives here! Best wishes Greg, for a long and healthy life and career as one of Ice's finest contributors. Fond regards to you and to all out here and you shall stay in my mind for a long time. Your friend and fellow tiler, Eddie Martin
gonna lay down the law...

man it was easy getting glazed up in that ocean...

oh you gotsta shoooowww me..
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word up brother alec
knock knock knock...
...bang bang bang... hey open up!...

"Greg Petre's Art Page" @ coughcheese looks to be very interesting [crazy little ditty playing too]... when you gonna open the doors and let us peek? :o)
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Re: knock knock knock...
yeah, it might be a while actually. I want to house some of my pen and ink pictures and maybe paintings I've done (basically non-digital), but I don't have a scanner right now. I guess I'm thinking a little too much ahead but I had fun making the splash screen :)
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Re: knock knock knock...
ok, it's open now.
please pardon the dust! :)
Re: Re: knock knock knock...hello
Nice original art man, i would like so see more, (only two, wait three images counting the intro one) nice stile.
very original somehow betwen abstrac and figurative...yep i like it.
Thanks for the coin!
I hope to see your home page finishted, i like the way how you draw
mostly the way in witch you use ligth.
I like to draw with only black ink some times so ┬┤ill be waiting to see the ones that you will upload on you page.

see ya later :)
well u seen very inspirated by giger
(hey the quilt is done now!!!;))

well if u don't know this artist Di-maccio just run
to watch his site
he don't digital
i was to his expositions in paris -france
lot of years ago.
I would dig it if you did a detailed wallpaper (just like your tiles, love em'). I think more people would like it too.
Take care of you tilingarm.

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Re: Weew!
you'd be surprised to know how hard it is for me to be as creative not doing tiles. but, ok! I will post something soon that I hope you will like.
Re: Re: Weew!
On your webpage then? Your link to your page have disapperd. Looking forward chaning to a new greg-o-rama view over my desktop :)
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Re: Re: Re: Weew!
no wallpapers but some art: http://www.mocrecords.com/greg/gregpaint.htm
that's some amazing stuff there Greg! very impressive!

i gotta believe your art will very soon be included in the Icepacks. :o)
Aww how schweet !
I just wanted to say "Thanks!" for the coin :-)

It's flattering to get praise from someone as talented as yourself.

Oi Greg how damn good do you want to be :)
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Re: hey!
i of course wish to improve to the best of my abilities
er..i don't understand the question; was that ok?
Thanks for...
...the coin greg very much apresiated, i am starting my traing into makeing animals, (this time birds) u r cool too man :) 8)
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Re: Thanks for...
hahaha. yeah. :)