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This tile is from You Are Invited to the Marriage of Vincent Van Gogh & Pablo Picasso

Comment: bare trees
Checked out at: December 19, 2002
Checked in at: December 20, 2002
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i am...
...first voter!!!!! crap this is GGGGOOOOOODDDDD Tony is a pity that i only haded one coin (and i have al ready spent it) any way +5+5+5+5
Re: i am...
If I could vote on this one it would definitely be a 5!
for the positive feed back guys/gals, i'm glad you like it :o))
and thanks to Mantic too for the interesting border
It looks like I need to make a few more tiles so I can give you a coin.
This tile is wonderful.
Holy mother
of shit!! amazing!! love and praise!! +5 +5
Now, my memory isn't terribly good but it seems I saw a sky like that in a Picasso depiction of the crucifiction. Now you use it over the garden of Eden/Adam&Eve (yesno?) -- if that was the connection I am even more impressed by this tile.

thanks guys :o))
Mantic... i studied tons of Van Gogh and Picasso work in the past, and tons more since this quilt started... and i too think the sky looks familiar, but to be honest, i don't remember exactly which painting it might have been and i can't say i consciously tried to do a connection to any specific painting. it is supposed to be the garden of eden though. so maybe my subconscious remembered. if you happen to find the painting you were referring to i'd like to look at it again :o)
Sooooo nice!
I've been pretty stingy with my coins lately, so I'm going to take a few minutes to give some out and you're first on my list.

I love this tile! Simply gorgeous. If I could vote, it would be a definate 5 :-)
Re: Sooooo nice!
cool! thanks for the cash Christine :o))

for the cash P ! :o))

the only way this could have me happier would have been if i'd gotten one of your new yin yang coins ;o)