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Where are you from? What is your first language?
Re: Jito
he's from france. i believe his first language are tiles :)
Re: Jito
i am zerg!! oops french .

i hoppe people**[ice] on #ice at irc.ice.org
or here(but i doubt)
are not going to be desagredable
and unfair
like they had been with me
(now i don't join anymore irc.ice.org
because of this)

with the new artist // tiler "luis felipe"
aka max E tormer
because he have a
"bad english" like i** do

ps : **nobody is perfect isn't it**.
Re: Re: Jito
Funy Jito Hehehehe jajajajaja ;)
What do you mean with bad english? me the perfect omipresent and magnificet me?
(note the sarcasm in my voice):)

:) :) :) :) :)
Re: Re: Re: Jito

this is a chilian surealist called r.Matta

i really love his art
Re: Re: Re: Re: Jito Great art!
I really like the way in which this artist resolves the space,
and the blurry style of the image gives it a very dreamy quality to the ambient.

Is he french?

Here, i return to you the favor check this links:



check this
check this --->link
lick A..
if someone i know make crap i give bad
note 0 to -5
it is not because i know him (or he is known)
i am going to lick his A..
wrong with you? Did you give me -5 for the upper left tile at the newbies 5? Why?
It was an anonymous. Sorry for my presuming, I was a little angry.
Re: Whats
i don't have access there
yeah this is me on the pic
le scribbler est mort, vivent longtemps le scribbler
cool pic... you crazy
hi all

good work everybody i will be right back soon

some thinkings and facts
1) _____________________________________

A is cool B is cool C is cool D is cool E is suddenly stupid
A B C and D gonna protect E
even if he/she is stupid

this is "groups" mentality
(in general)


*someone said to me one day on irc
i was asking
"do not speak to me please if your point is to be desagreadable"

the personn responded
"i can talk to you as i please. it is the internet after all."

it is the internet after all..........

so internet is all about schysophrenia .?
u are someone totally different in the real world
and when it's electronic world u are another
with some kind of new privileges ?

(one word :integrity)

*i can't say names here sorry

just in case you dont see the post
Re: Re: Question about member ship
Why do you ask such a weird question?

Jito, are you a female?

Re: just in case you dont see the post
i seen it .
don't worry
it was a joke
(i am very happy that u reposted the thread here )

Re: you see the post
i seen it .
don't worry
it was a joke
(i am very happy that u reposted the thread here )

u can read what i have writen in the orginal thread here

happy that you have seen the ant
I am happy that your monitor is fixed, your are one of the best competicions in here, so it has have been boring without your tiles to make everybody look bad.
He he he he

(By the way you have not answered my question about if you have studied something, it is not a big deal, just curios about the universities of your home country, France i herd.)
Darn you have answered my question!
Sorry, i writed that about you dont answering my question before going to the
Slothy post seccion, DARN sorry man.
Thanks for visiting Jito
I am glad you liked the River World one, is one of my favorites too
(have you read the book? is fantastic if not i recomed it greatly!)

I hope to hear more critics (i will look forward to see your tiles in the bizarro quilt)

(pst* i will upload a big digital paintig soon, keep seening my page once in a while)

What is?: (jito aka phpnuke.fr)human curiosity
(bien se escribe en francés igual que en español asi que piensa que esta en francés)

Baje de internet el icq, pero casi no lo he usado, casi
todos mis amigos en México usan el messenger the microsoft windows, asi
que soy nuevo en el uso de menssagers de otras compañias.

Te tratare de buscar en el icq voy a investigar acerca de ese otro
sistema que llamas "aim".

tal ves te vea luego en uno de esos chats rooms

(¿donde aprendiste español?, porque es bastante bueno)

tal vez aprenda frances, el aprender idiomas simepre me ha llamado
la atencion)

Chido! grasias por escribirme

(I write in spanish cause you seem to write it, and understad it well, if
you can´t get some of the above text don´t hesitate to tell me)
Re: bien...Jito
seria mejor que uses de "aim"
es mas simple
less cpu use also

mi padre era español

ya sabes todo XD

ps: el msn nunco lo uso
como ya tengo dos sabes...+ irc
Thanks for being here Jito. I was having a really bad day, but then I read some of your posts and laughed really hard. I feel much better now.
Re: Ha
should be cool if it was true
i feel it is ironic...
Re: Re: Ha
I think you mean sarcastic (which I am not being).

1-Jito : hi root88 ihateyou --->(noidont)<---.

3-Newbies have difficulties blending jito tiles

2-Slothy rules

4-jito rules!

777-Frogie fears nothing except for anal sex and geckyLIKEit wtf Jito?
_____????What is this? See them all !!!!!!!
Re: Remeber:
um... what?
Re: Re: Remeber:
I agree to Root88 what? the heck? :?
Re: Re: Re: Remember:
they are selected from me "sayings"
click on it if u don't know what is it
Re: Re: Re: Re: Remember:
how does that have anything to do with my post?
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Remember:
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Remember:

i am bored :)
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Remember:
que te pasa?
dime porfa.
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Remember:
i just wanted to contradice your "silence" post, ademas estaba aburrido jeje.
Self propragande!
4 digital images in my site, one of ´em being new
sa va Jito?
the r matta adress above doesn't work [for moi], but if i remove the 2 from the address i see a cool painting... is that the one you intended?

below are addresses for "Hands Holding the Void (Invisible Object)"


slower, but well worth it [scroll at top then enlarge for bigger and best photo]...

Re: sa va Jito?
oh yes sorry
the matta2.jpg
was matta2.JPG
i corrected it
also i added a capture from a book i have of the sculpture
it is a profil , u can figure out the prettyness of the thing

thanx for the link !!!
Re: sa va Jito?
oh i forgot
nice chair isn't it?

yes the chair!!! lol (link)
Re: Re: sa va Jito?
yes, very cool/interesting shape...

here is link/address to one of my favorite artists...


Hello Jito
I have changed the design of my page a little bit, they are thumbnails for you to pic, and larger images, plus i have uploaded, my first big digital painting,
please i would really apresiate if you could tell me how does the page looks,
and how the painting looks too.

*the painting is in the cience ficcion gallery*

send me a mail
[email protected]
Or post something in my post seccion

home page
Just in case you have nor seen it...
and if you have well, i am not hurting anybody

Re: Re: Re: Re: Jito Great art!
I really like the way in which this artist resolves the space,
and the blurry style of the image gives it a very dreamy quality to the ambient. (i mean the Chillian surrealist fella)
I liked the staute too it gives a very acurated sensation of nothingess a very
nice way to use the space.

Here, i return to you the favor check this links:



Re: Just in case you have nor seen it...
makes me think a lot to a guy called
alex Niño
so i really like this art

and jon foster is amazing
Re: Re: Just in case you have nor seen it...
i agree tambien me agrada el arte de jon foster,
thanks for answering, i bee a little low in tiling (darn school) but i will do some on the weekend to catch up and to get coins!
site Jito i love the amunt of space, i am planig to re-update all my home page and change it´s image and of course upload my newest work, thanks for the link :)

¡Grasias por el link Julian esta genial!!!!
Nice :)...
...is good that you posted a link to your homepage in here your art is great:)
Mystety user
Re: Nice :)...
I'm glad, too, to see, jito. very cool
a lot has that 'stream of conscious' feel
I just...
...discovered this UMA proyect of yours
i missed it the first time you told me about your page? or it is a brand new proyect? any way it looks great i love sience ficcion and the conceptual drawings in your proyect look great:).
Re: I just...
thank you.
UMA is copyrighted to a team of people
i just did some stuff
i dunno what is up actually with this 3D cartoon movie.
Re: Re: I just...
any way the 3d renders you did look great jito :)
hello jito:)
i have just e-mailed my adress to your mail.
thanks for the coin, I am flattered. My first one!
Re: help me jon!
i am just wondering... where are u jito?¿ :) :(
hola luis.
i am
doing a big pause
Re: Re:
...i was just wondering :D

good to see ya around :)
I love your drawings!!
Re: I love your drawings!!
oh! a light
in the darkness ..it's amy !
Re: Re: I love your drawings!!
Julien Julien
I m waiting for your new picture!
I m your super fans!
Re: Re: Re: I love your drawings!!
hahahaha :oDDD

nice self portrait jiteotl ... your crazy dude Xo))))))
Re: Re: Re: Re: I love your drawings!!
lol that sound like a revenge
Re: Re: Re: Re: I love your drawings!!
read my statement
to understand more about this pic of divine
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: I love your drawings!!
YOu really get into trouble fast jito =) LOL i just freaked out the minute i entered to ur user page, YIPes !!!! realmente me espante al ver la foto je je je ja ja ja JA JA JA :D es bueno que este de vuelta frances =) je
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: I love your drawings!!
kick into the hive was funny.
until next time...

(jito strykes back)
Vous semblez comme un type frais. Je ferais également gifler cinq ânes si ma mère était trop grosse. Pouvez-vous boire un singe? Quand je me tiens sur ma tête, je fais pipi sur mon visage. Homme idiot de lait. Maintenez le bon travail, et allez au zoo pendant un bon temps.
Re: bonjour
what do you think jito, we both recived the same message aren´t we lucky.
one more odd thing to add at the odd things that have happened to me
on the net =)
Re: Re: bonjour
I used an internet translator, was it readable??
Re: Re: Re: bonjour
same weird comment you left for maxetormer... are you on dope?
Re: Re: Re: Re: bonjour
What's with the moron infestation lately?
Re: Re: bonjour
a tomar mucho por c...o ese mamon
que te parese luis?
Re: Re: Re: bonjour
ha.., que mas da es una buena historia para contarle a mis nietos =) ja ja ja
(...y como dice ese loco texto, quien sabe tal vez trate de "beberme un mono"
aunque dudo que el mono este muy de acuerdo)
Hey, Jito.

I'm trying to get some of the best artists on tiles to participate on the Gulliver Quilt and would like you to do a tile.
What do u say?

Re: Gulliver
thanks for invite
if i have time i will check out a tile.
i got ji-to-ny quilt to finish for now
and it take lot of time.

hey Jito
I saw your proposal on my message board-Any more info?
Re: hey Jito
well not really
you have questions?
do you like the idea?
I was actually thinking about what you ment by it.
Re: question
i like children drawings,i was interested
in the exeperience.
that's why i proposed.
so if you aren't a children,
or you are not interested;
make a sign.
would you consider 10 a child?that thing about being 7 was my kid sis-big mistake letting her borrow my computer.
Re: hmmm
yes ,absolutely
so... you like the idea?
Re: hmmm
just a curious onlooker... but i'm really wondering your real age now.
you ask if 10 is a child, but you did not actually state that that is your age. i thought your vocabulary was a bit advanced for seven... but you use some words that my 10 year old nieces and nephews would not... leading me to believe that you must be at leasr 14 or 15. if you don't mind... just cause i'n nosey and curious, what is your true age?? ;o))
I am 10
i am currently 10,but my birthdays next week,which would make me 11 very soon.(if your wondering about my vocabulary,its because I got level 6's,as I did an extension paper,on my year 6 sats-if your in America,I don't know what grade that would be.)I'm very interested actually,what did you have in mind?
Re: I am 10
a regular quilt.
you feel ready to start the first tile?
ready when you are
I've just finished one for nicks ferocious tile eating machine-So how do I go about making first tile?any pointers?where do I do it?sorry,I'm VERY curious about this type of stuff-I like to be presice.I don't like gettiong things wrong.
Re: ready when you are
right click and open in a new window this link then accept invitation(top left of the page)
after this
follow this link
click here
got it
heh,ok So I think my tiles slightly um...not my style-then again I havn't developed a unique style-I quite like this one.
What an ass!
Yes, I did read and look at the quilts. It seemed to me that mine was right on as far as being "city" But you'er entitled to your opinion. I think you'er just a bit of ass for deleting me off of it before the last one I checked outed was finished. I abandoned the city theme and just went back to the wondering theme that seems to drive these quilts. Actually it doesn't appear to be theme driven seems a bit more personality driven and personal taste driven but it was your project your call. If your interested you can view the tile I did but didn't get to turn in on my site I'll post it just for you so you can see that the theme or lack there of was a little more to what you were after. check it at in the photo section.
Re: What an ass!
for now you are a hater to me,
so we done talking together.
Re: something arse
yeah...i checked
but you need really more work on it to turn it
"superb"(seems to be too late now :C ).
also try to remind
the first tile you did,
and try to figure out why you didn't
posted it on your site...

if you don't understand the quilt theme
then it's because you didn't check quilt links
"the incredible machine" and
"picture of a city"

the incredible city picture of a machine .
get it?
How far along is your quilt with kittentat? I want to see it! I keep seeing new tiles from you guys, but of course it won't let me see the quilt.
Thanks for letting me sneak a peek at the tiles; I think I get the idea now.
Re: Thanks!
no problem it was "root88"
i am back after this week end

try fit the themes
for your sent back tile

later ezo
don't you want to join us in Bruxelles in November, the meeting of the Euro-Tilers(see main page for more info)?
I assume you live in France, so it would be close. I think it could be interesting to meet and tile in real life... Well, drinking, too...
A bientot
Re: Hey
i don't have a comp i can travel with
and also i have planed different things.

but the best should be to paint a wall
with spray and acrylic, yes a collab grafiti.
Dig the idea ,because it's a god one hehe.
sometime ago you said you'd like to do a quilt together. i was wondering if you'd be up to it? maybe a small surrealistic one?
Re: hello
sure ! asap .
Re: Re: hello
how about around next monday? i am going home for thanksgiving and i won't have my tablet with me until late sunday.
Re: Re: Re: hello
can't .
after 27 december if you like
Re: Re: Re: Re: hello
gonna have to wait till next year then. january 7ish.
hey there, i'm back. email me ag [email protected] or say hi to me on AIM [ GsIhLaArDk ]. let's get on this quilt.
Hi jito!
Could you add me to the MSN Messenger or send me a mail? Mine is [email protected] Thanks :)

I would like to ask you for some painting collaboration :)
Extending Checkin Deadlines
I checked out a tile on "The incredible city ,picture of a machine" and in the heading you mentioned a way to check out a tile for longer than 24 hours (which I'm definately going to have to do since I found out I have to work today).

How do you 'recheck out' a tile without bugging an admin?
Re: Extending Checkin Deadlines
right click on a possible check out tile, click on copy link.
replace the number of the tile with the one you had.

If it doesn't works cancel the tile
and refresh the page until it shows
the tile you was working on.
There is no ways to give longer delays then 24 hours +2;
you have to cancel then check out
your tile again every 26 hours max.

welcome back & have fun
no hard feelings.
i should have told you my playing style. i could see why you got a litle bit irritated.
no hard feelings. :)

Hey Jito,

I didn\'t put that entry up at urbandictionary.com, I just thought it was funny. Thanks for trying to spam my email address though. Stunts like this are the reason that no one around here likes you. Judging from the definition \"3. to expose one\'s self; generally involving genetalia, but specifaclly pertaining to the the scrotum and testes.\", I think it all refers to www.jito.com which is a gay dance club. I don\'t know your involvement with said club, but I wish you the best of luck.
RE: UnbanDictionary.com
nice blah blah !

\"I didn\'t put that entry up at urbandictionary.com\",=lie
\", I just thought it was funny\"=you did put the entry

you perfectly know that my nickname
is from my name and family name
julien .t
so basically you insulted me and my family

let me tell you something it\'s funny here for you on the web but
if one day you was enough unlucky to
meet me
i will make you my bitch.
you probably know what i mean ;
little coward(1).
i work in tiles wiht other people
and they like me.
you think you are the voice for all !
you use the same arguments as a kid ,
a guy who never steped out the anal state.
(see freud)
call me a fag with other people on irc,
but you guys are grown up?
i doubt really!
hate have consequences
i am happy for you i am not your neighbourg.
cause i will give you the pay back you deserve(2).

i am here since 2001.
it always been the same thing
you guys (the narrow minded crew on irc)
hate me for unknown reason
constantly teasing and bullshiting because i am french or blah and blah.
SLOTHY perfectly
knows it ,he knows you don\'t like
new comers on the #ICE channel and treat new comers like shit on irc.
(i have irc logs of him saying it, and i was told by other people it was the same for them )
well ...this ,is all i had all the time since 2001.
(except from slothy (&farmy?...) who is an adult ,nice fair
and opened to new people)

YOUR ACTION(last bullshit on urbandicitionary)
you are responsible of what you did.

you was thinking i will let you drag me down forever?
this was funny only for yourself.
i cannot handle more from you...
you had reach the limit of my patience,
and for sure the patience of
any sane personn on earth.

don\'t try to bring me down you can\'t.
even if i had to do compromise and only be
a spectator here i will do it!
cause you like this hu!
use your power here ,
you dislike someone then your crew
instantly thinks the same ect...

not a complicated thing
it happen all over the world.
people let others think for them.
(facism mechanism)

what i know from some people on irc
and you,is that you don\'t like me(and any new comers who don\'t lick your coward ass)
and NOW finally after 4 years of patience
, i told you and tell you again that it is

RE: RE: UnbanDictionary.com
So you joining Al Qaeda?
RE: RE: RE: UnbanDictionary.com
remember what your bf tells you all the time?
RE: RE: RE: RE: UnbanDictionary.com
You\'re my favorite Frenchman ever, jito.
RE: RE: UnbanDictionary.com
Sorry to burst your bubble, Jito, but I don\'t think root88 is against newcomers in #ice. Any chat logs you have of that are:

A.) scary
B.) fake

That said, you\'re a weird dude, and I want to like you. But you are a bit overly scary, even for an \"over the internet\" kind of guy.
RE: RE: RE: UnbanDictionary.com
if you don\'t remember our conversation
that\'s ok it\'s your problem.
i understand why you deny.

i am not scary at all , i am perfectly normal
anyone who have been teased to much
will be out of patience.

try take out of patience
a guy in front fo you in bar or anywhere
you will see.(no don\'t i want you safe)

RE: RE: RE: RE: UnbanDictionary.com
Actually, your problem is that you are perfectly normal. Your mingling with us #ice folks was doomed from the beginning because of this fact.

In the meantime, I hear that if you order a sense of humor right now, they\'ll have one ready for you in about 15 years. Sucks that they\'re backordered for so long.
RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: UnbanDictionary.com
yes the kind of humour that is not legal in some country (mine for exemple).

that entry on urbandictionary was deleted finaly .
still i have a bone to pick with the guy who did write that pile of insults.

all what i said is true and other tiles players
know what i mean. Because you see it from
your l33t crew point of view ; you can\'t know what
other people could have felt.
I am just desapointed slothy didn\'t confirmed what he really said at that time ; (\"they always act like this with newcomers\") .
Sometimes there is rotten fruits just putting them away let the nice people breath and act as they
really are.
the daily racist joke about frenchs/and other countries , homophobiac ones , always bringing down people who doesn\'t speak a good english or looking weak to you .
Did you guys grown up , some years later... i doubt hehe.
You can call me a liar , it doesn\'t matter
lying to yourself only ruin your inner.
you ruined it by accepting people who
don\'t really like art , they like to shine, and also they are defintly not \"good souls\".