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This tile is from Enter Middle Earth

Comment: Gwaihir
Checked out at: January 25, 2003
Checked in at: January 25, 2003
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Oooo nice one !

I really dig your detailwork on this one !!!

5 definitely !

- kier
this is really impressive.
(though i wouldn't go by bird anymore, if i were in that age.
wizards. tsk..tsk..)
Re: agree
this is awsome.... but Gandalf didnt have his staff at that time.......hehe ;)
... guys, glad you liked it.

i knew about the staff and debated whether to give him one or not. "with the staff" won in the end, so i'm pretending like this is an earlier time when they were just out for a cruise ;o))
Re: holy crap WOW WOW
no way man i am wowed to the edge!!!!!!!!
this is like the greatest eagle i ever seen goooooooood job man 5+5+5+5+5+5+5+5+5+5+5+5+5+5+
5+5+5+5+5+5+5+5+5 :D
hmm, the wing behind is a bit out of perspective, and well, the part with gandalf and the birds head and back is "lost in details". Less is more sometimes.

But those are just some minor things, no question is worth 5!
This is like, a totally new level for you. Or perhaps I've just forgotten how darn good you are =). Freaking awesome. Just must have spent a lot of time on it - and it shows! Now I gotta nag the admins for the coin they own me from the coins contest so I can give it to you !
wish I had more coins
... for the feedback 204., Luis, Dura, P, Renee
and thanks for the sweet yin yang coin Alex ;o))
Re: thanks...
that 204.whatever was me. I was up in Canada over the weekend and got on an internet terminal thingy, and was wowed by what I saw.
holy crap
cool, thanks Mike :o)
Re: holy crap
I read some remarks about Kierrato's tile(nashgool...or however u spell it) that it was direct copy from the movie..... & said that the idea of this Quilt is to have your own imagination about how Middle Earth looked like....... If thats why his tile is not showingor been removed or so.. then i think this tile, even though its awsome, but should be removed cuz it is also a copy from the movie... not one's OWN IDEA of how things looked like in Middle Earth !
this is not a copy
hmmm... first of all thankyou, i'm glad you think my tile is awesome 8^}.... secondly, this is my idea of how Gwaihir and Gandalf would look while out for a cruise. you will not find this picture anywhere else, because it is not referenced from anyone else's illustrations or from any movie stills etc... i did reference how an eagle looks when soaring and feather placement. then i put those aside and drew from the impressions i had in my mind which those pictures, and the book, and the movie gave me. which imo is not at all the same as copying a picture while looking at it. [not that i think there is necessarily anything wrong with that, as long as you actually do the work yourself and do not just use someone else's image... i do not believe Kierrato uploadeded someone else's image... he just has a good eye, and his version was very close to the original].

i think Kierrato did an excellent job of copying the picture he worked from... when a comment was made [not by me] about his picture being a carbon copy, Kierrato asked for his tile to be sent back. i do not believe it was removed because of it's content or because it was resourced.

some people want to do scenes from the movies, some want to do scenes from the books, and still others want to imagine for themselves what Middle Earth would be like. imo all of those interpretations are valid and just fine.
this should be a fun quilt, let's not suck all the joy out of it.

Re: this is not a copy
I agree to all that Tony has said :D
this tile rocks!!!

If i had more coins ill give more to this tile :)
Re: Re: holy crap
What are you talking about? Gwaihir was described as a giant eagle. It's not a copy of the movie. Since eagles are commonly known animals, one person's view (Peter Jackson's) really is not going to differ at all from another person's (Tony's, in this case).
thanks Luis :O))
thanks for your hard earned cash amigo!
Re: thanks Luis :O))
well spent money :D
Re: thanks Luis :O))
I dont wanna argue here but I went over the title again .."One other thing: try to have your own ideas about how things look rather than what you've seen in the movies." & it gave me the impression that everyone has to use their own imagination... which ofcourse doesnt seem to be the case here. Not only you im pointing at but in General. Perticularly to the one who made the comment on Kierrato's tile... oh well..still a nice quilt.

Regardless of all that, your tile has 5 :)
Re: Re: thanks Luis :O))

Ok, look all of us are using Tolkien´s descripcions to make our images so if Tolkien have wrote that Gandalf flyes in a gigant eagle with certain caracteristics we have to uphold to that, we dont have the fault that Peter Jackson happen to make a good trio of movies in wich he makes sure to follow Tolkien´s descripcions very close.

(bw i did read the books before the movies)
So the way i imagined Gwaihir or a Nazgul is a lot close to the movies image.

We are all copying Tolkien so no one here is entirely original, as matter of fact originality does not exist, we all take influences from lots of resources.
There is not such a thing called originality there is only re-creation, interpretation.

that´s all i have to say, but i had to say it .

keep it up the good work, peace

I feel Slice is way off base in the comments he has made. Tony, excellent ORIGINAL WORK! Guess the best always get picked on ;)
Re: WHAT???
renee.. i dont quite think u get the poin here..in any case, HI
Re: Re: WHAT???
Slice first HI! and second yes I DO GET THE IDEA! I don't believe YOU are understanding what Tony has said which is "this is his idea of how things look"...where have you seen this exact image anywhere? I am sure you have not! On Kierato's tile Antaydos showed where it was a replica of a picture that was already out there.
Why don't you just drop this and enjoy the quilt--you have to admit the left side is great and the right has some possibilities!
thanks bunches for the cash yOp[s] and ferrex :o)
cool !
thanks for the cash Don :o)
thanks Silas :o))
thanks for donating your hard earned gold... glad you liked the tile 8D