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Comment: bug on psychedelic flower
Checked out at: September 28, 2002
Checked in at: September 29, 2002
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thanks for the tasty coin Luis ;o)
i like..
how you went from light green - purple in the bg, nice colorful effect. ur beetle is missing a leg, ha! but i've actually seen those insects crawlin around with uneven limbs, so i think thats cool that you did that too.

much better than my first attempt at drawin a beatle-like creature, haha.

5 for you!
Re: i like..
thanks virtue1!
until you mentioned it i hadn't realized the poor critter was missing a leg.
math was never my strong suit, but i don't know how i miscounted the legs... so we'll just say it's an injured beetle then, yeah that's it, i meant to do that haha ;o)
thanks Elisabeth...
for the hard earned cash, much appreciated! ;o)
Re: thanks Elisabeth...
oops, sorry... i mean EliZabeth :o)