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i cant belive my eyes
i have a score of 13, you realy do love me, awww
Re: i cant belive my eyes
yeah yeah
im back
hey, this time in really back, i remembered my old password, :)
jan 13 2002
Re: im back
hey. thats seems like ages ago when I copied your linux penguin on the first mainquilt.
hey man what happened to the tile next to mine? (the red pipes one)
It was there yesterday... now it seems that the cross of empty tiles has been moved 1 tile to the left...

pretty wierd... well the two were really cool combined anyway, it's gonna be tyte when the whole thing is finished
Re: -
is it back yet?
hey did anyremember me having almost 30 points? well now i have -4, because some people decide to bring up the tiles i did in the past and since im so brutally honest, all the tiles i did a year ago get -5 from me, go ahead and agree with me, i deserve the low points because i did so many shitty tiles, not just a few, but alot of them, so if you have the time to give me a -5 on all of them, feel free.
Re: muhahaha
hmm, maby i was wrong, i think im going to change the socre of a few of the tiles i did, because they werent all worth -5. but if you think it is worth a -5 go for it, but if you do vote a bad score atleast post something
A Memory From My Former Life
I was something kind of like an alien. On a huge mother ship somewhere far away. And I fought with another crew member, I cant remember why, that was a long time ago. But I remember them casting me away, to be reborn as any animal of my choice, excluding the one is was then. The leaders told me. "You must choose," they said. "We need to know, what you will be when you return to life". I thought for a second, about being a tree, and hoping I was made into rolling paper, but then I decided to become a human.

The next thing I remember, 9 months of peace, and then I was coming out of the womb, into this world. A weird smell is the first thing I remember that greatly moved me. I couldn’t really see very well, and I had very mixed feelings, of hate and love all at the same time. I remember not being able to see some of the time, and the rest of the time, being blinded by a huge light, it was so dark where I thought I was home forever, but now what is this world, but a big bright nuisance. I wanted back in, I didn’t want any part of this world. But that is why I am here right now.

Tyler Henry
new lessons learned
it would seem like common sense that if someone attacks you thn you can defend yourself.

but here is the truth. if someone attacks you, you have to take it, unless there is a witness present that will tell the truth to the cops.

if there isnt a witness there for you, and you defend yourself, you are going to jail.

thats why i havent been tileing for some time. i cant tile now, cause all i have is a labtop from 94.
Re: new lessons learned
Auch man =) that is the harsh truth =) =(