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This tile is from Tribute to Hieronymous Bosch

Comment: balancing act
Checked out at: May 27, 2002
Checked in at: May 28, 2002
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Mystety user
I was almost certain that border I got was from you. :) If I knew the title before hand, I might have added a few more items for the green devil to balance on his head.
..he's got his posture to worry about!
Re: balancing
haha... cool... can't wait to see what you did :o]
Hey Tony
you continued my angel into a deamon COOL, cause it was suposed to be a fallen angel, (5) Great
continuation just what i wanted!!!!:)
i have made the rigth tile of your tile, and i continued the subjet well you will see...
Mystety user
is that james brown? on the right there? on the wall?
Re: hey
hahaha... actually it was just supposed to be a skull face originally. then as i tweaked the texture around the skull face i saw him [James Brown] too. i didn't think anyone else saw him.

get on the good foot ;o)