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Hi everyone. I'm ezo. I've been creating tiles for a similar thing at Deviantart for some time, and am excited to be a part of this community. I can't wait for my ratings to improve so I can work on some more advanced quilts. Can't wait to meet you all!
Re: Hi!
(jito was here)
Re: Re: Hi!
Do you have any suggestions to help me improve my tiles?
Re: Re: Re: Hi!
hello ezo.
try doing more details , try draw "scenes"
compositing with shapes and colors ,
same if you prefer draw the abstract thingies.

Re: Re: Re: Hi!
and ,
don't forget to watch
the borders you give to other people.
borders is the way to comunicate here ;D
My only suggestion is: watch at other tiler´s work. That´s i´m trying to do now. Concentrate on the tiles you like most. Try to imagine how did he/she do that in the program (Photoshop or whatever), never surrender (if your tiles get bad pointing), don´t hesitate if you get -5 points (admins delete them normally) and work, work, work. Here, the detail and the composition of the tile are the most important things.

That´s all i got to suggest by now :D

Good luck dude.
Re: Suggestion
Thanks for the advice :D. Lately I've been "reading" quilts, just looking over them and studying how they are done. I should start thinking about how they did them in Photoshop too, that's a good idea. Thanks again.
about your deleted tile on incredible city
after 5 days of reflection,
i had to delete your tile with tubes and parts of building.
Your first tile is going to stay(it miss details though).
In general in themed quilt if you are not the
"big tile's veteran" you can't catch out no borders tiles.
(they are glitchs).
Your tile wasn't elite enough and was damaging the quilt.
i know it could sound rude but
theme and quilt's tip are very clear,
and i have to respect it to be fair with other people
who work on quilt n°288.

ps: you are not banned or anything from quilt 288
but upload only your super elite work.

later and have fun.