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Thanks: )
Thank you for taking your time and sharing your thoughts(I mean it)- people really dont even bother to look at others' work(I know I myself didnt post many comments but I have acces to the internet for about 15 minutes a day- through my fathers laptop)

Anyway, my favorite piece of yours is 14780. I like face closeups and this one is very(very) well done. I believe, you think it deserved a higher rating(I mean why not a 5.00) the problem is in the connection with the nostrills and the pink stuff-I looked at the drawing in two different monitors(one laptop) It probably looks perfect in your monitor but once you increase the brightness, youll notice there is a little problem with the dark parts. For most of the monitors the default brightness setting is higher than yours- and it doesnt look as good as you drew it.(it happened to me with my firs tile-the fire looks greenish to you- but I drew it to be a redder flame- and it looked much better)

...And you seem to be right, in the artistic taste and age connection. I know I helped the quilt to lean on the fantasy side(Im sorry not to be considering other tastes=/),Im 15(16 next month) and like most of my generation, I find the fantasy side more attractive and draw acordingly. As I asked my parents(44) about the quilt in general- they also said the same thing: why allways fantasy...
Next time Ill be more respectful to other tastes as this is a collaborative project..
Tahnk you as one of the best artists contributing to our quilt
Keep up the good work
you make really nice tiles.
hopefully i will check out one of your borders one day
or you one of mine :D

ps:and remember "slothy rules"(if u didn't knew)
Re: hi
thanks :-)
i don't feel like i'm ready for the mainquilts yet, but hopefully soon
Re: Re: hi
come on ireen, you've outgrown the newbie quilts...
time to get your feet wet on the mainquilt :o)
Re: Re: Re: hi
ok. i did it. just checked in my first mainquilt tile...
feels sort of like the first day at school
thanks for...
...the coin i like your tiles lots too:)
hi young warior
hi young warior here is your first medal of honor
for your warchest.
didn't gave it to you that u vote for me
but go on throw some votes to my old tiles

Re: hi young warior
flattered blah blah,
warchest cool blah blah,
me warrior, yessiree,
gonna vote 5+ blah blah,
later to you too etc grin
I'm back...
... from my trip to Vienna.
Awesome city!!! If you get the chance, go visit it. Great art/architecture - from medieval to contemporary - everywhere!
Themed experimental quilt
I’m probably not experienced enough in tiling or not part enough of the ICE community to be leaning out that far, but anyway…. I love this place and I’m participating, so here I go with my ideas:
Since I discovered ICE, I have learned there are some rules (either posted somewhere or more unspoken) that go beyond the idea of collaboration in a basic sense, and that even go beyond the idea of making a coherent quilt out of individual tiles.
These “rules” are for example:
No photos, no scans, except in photomanip quilts.
No (bland) excessive use of filters/effects.
A strong tendency to vote very realistic/illusionist tiles high and more abstract/experimental tiles low.

I agree that poorly pasted in cliparts/photos and thoughtless, rashly applied tools/filters lead to cheap, displeasing tiles with low artitstic value. These are typical newbie mistakes - you discover the software and try out everything possible, like “hey, this is fast, this looks nifty, one click and I don’t have to bother anymore”. Best examples can be seen in the funny tutorial “How to make really awesome graphics” or in some newbie tiles.

Still, we are in fact not using oilpaint, we don’t live in the 19th century. We use software, allowing us to use photos and filters, we have a wide sense of what art can be. The medium itself and its options and possibilities shouldn’t be put down.
So I think it should be interesting to experiment more with these possibilities, exploration is a way to progress. Collaboration will be harder, this is meant as a challenge. To make it easier, maybe a reduced color palette or wider borders could help to make the quilt more homogeneous. To make good artwork - even if it doesn’t meet everybody’s taste of what is beautiful - should be strived at.

Maybe the difference to a mainquilt isn’t that big, so a more pointed theme than “"Filt-O-Rama" or "Rules(Un)spoken" will be needed. Content or motto could be something like “Excursions from the usual”. The graphics could not only play visually with those “rules” and possibilities, but depict whatever the individual artists ponders on the matter of tiling and quilting and of digital art.
The theme could also be “Abstracts”, if wished, although I personally prefer NOT to draw a line between “realistic” graphics and so-called abstract art.

If the admins or a large part of the ICE community strongly think it doesn’t make sense to start such a themed quilt, or despise the idea itself, maybe there’s a possibility to launch it as a 2, 3 or 4 person project.

I’d be happy to hear response, fire away with your critique or enthusiasm.

Re: Themed experimental quilt (you have it backwards)
You can do anything you want on a mainquilt. Sometimes there are special quilts with rules, but those are the exception. You are free to use photos, filters or whatever you want. We just ask that all materials you use are your own or public domain.
Re: Themed experimental quilt
Wow... you just wrote a novel ;)

I am not able to benefit yet of the freedom which the abstract quilt offers to us... I' m waiting to see few tiles appearing... Strange,!? but I think rules are important. We have now to broke it! Yeah!
Re: Re: Themed experimental quilt
Glad to be in your Top 4 quilters ;)
First time I see my (pseudo) name somewhere...
after reading the novel...
i think that would be a challenge, and a fun project. i also think that it would be graphically displeasing. its really hard to maintain a sort of consistency in the quilt when there aren't any rules.

knowing and using multiple filters to obtain a certain image should be encouraged. i despise how people use a single filter and think it looks cool, because most of the time it doesn't. i imagine seeing a lot of crappy effects on quilts with those sort of freedoms.

i wouldn't mind seein another photo-manip quilt started! what your suggesting is really a lot like what i've seen on those photo-manip quilts. no? those have come out lookin great. i say, lets get started. ;)
Re: Themed experimental quilt
I'm not sure the themed quilt is going on the way you tried to trace... but anyway after that one i'm up for a pure formal abstract quilt... Maybe we can try something togheter if you know how to start one.
abstract quilt
That should be fun. But I don't know how to start one either.
Re: abstract quilt
I'll try to figure out how to start one when the themed quilt will be over...
Re: Re: abstract quilt
Yea, lets do abstracts!
for supporting an old beggar! Youre a real socialist!
Re: thanks
I coundn't resist, especially because of the title ;-)
Re: Re: thanks
come join the thursday spreequilts, on irc if you're interested ;o)
I'd like to but...
... I have no experience in irc. So if you don't mind some very newbie-questions:
Do I need a special client-software? Is it freeware?
Which server is recommendable for loging in? Whats the adress?

I'd like to join the Spree quilts, although I'm a very slow worker ;-)
Re: I'd like to but...
here's a place to download irc from [it's free to use as far as i know]

once you get it, join irc.ice.org server, and type in #tiles for the channel

the idea of the spreequilts is to try to get the quilt completed as quickly as possible. but if you take a couple hours i don't think anyone will shoot you for it ;o) just let someone else do the starter tile so everyone isn't waiting to get underway. that's what i usually do anyway, i hate the pressure of doing the very first tile.
thank you
I'll check it out sometime this week...
Re: thank you
i saw that you made it to irc ;o)

don't be discouraged that no one answered you. most people there just turn on irc and go about their business, so it's usually very quiet. try thursday afternoon/evening and someone should be awake.
Some of you guys asked, so here are pictures of my trips to Italy this year. Mainly Tuscany and Venice... Fotos all taken with a digital camera (Canon Powershot G2).
i'm jealous...
... of the trip, and your camera ...
thanks for sharing ;o)
i have reached score 200 now!!!
and if that flowerey strip of tile is going to be my first straight 5 I'm gonna throw up ;-)
Re: cool
i gave you a 4 ,happy?
thank you!