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What tablet do you use?..
eh?.. all this stuff looks really cool :)
Congratulations, you'll stay alive now :) :)
Re: What tablet do you use?..
It's an ancient DrawingSlate II (9x6) from Calcomp... Serial input no less. Was a gift from a buddy who does this stuff professionally who wanted to upgrade to USB.

Would it be possible?
for you to revisit your tile tutorial and clear some things up? There appears to be some confusion over where to draw/blend. There's always a few newbies who end up changing the borders they're given. It's possible that they didn't bother with the tutorial, but when I had another look this is what I found:

"Make a new layer and call it "sketch1". Put it on top of your overlay layer so you can sketch on top of what was given to you (helps to force you to USE the stuff given to you instead of DODGING the stuff given to you"

This is the only section that deals with layering and it suggests drawing above the overlay layer. This can just as easily be done under that layer. Perhaps you could add a line or two about not altering the borders you are given. That might cut down on the number of errors made and help the newbies catch on quicker.

Re: Would it be possible?
once u studied essobie tutorial
u can have a look to my tips for tiling

they show you the layer orders to draw a tile(icons),
and tips to avoid critical errors.
link here
Re: Re: Would it be possible?
Sorry, Jito, Ike seems to be long gone. It is a good idea to point to your tutorial, though; maybe you should bother an admin to get it linked below Essobie's on the quilt screens.