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Your tiles
Please take more time to put into your tiles.
If you just whip something up in 10 minutes and upload it, not only will you get bad scores for yourself, but you will ruin the large quilt for the rest of the tilers.
Re: Your tiles
The reason My tiles don't take long is becuase basically-I'm a rubbish artist.i'll admit to that.Theres not much i can actually do to it to make the process longer-all i'm using is microsoft paint here(Corel 7 got deleted*curses computer*
Re: Re: Your tiles
please "stay" and progress in your works.
the noobie quilt is for training .
Re: Re: Your tiles
Just keep tiling, you will be amazed how fsat you improve. Why don't you try paint shop or the Gimp. The gimp is free and has lots of features that photoshop has. MS paint isn't going to cut it.
Re: Re: Re: Your tiles
Yeah, the Gimp is an excellent free program and it doesn't take up too much memory. It can be downloaded at http://www.gimp.org/the_gimp.html. What I've noticed mostly about your tiles is that the edges of them are always darker. Make sure you check them before you submit, as it really disrupts the quilt.
Re: Re: Re: Re: Your tiles
yup. you need to do a little more work on blending your tiles into neighboring tiles. Otherwise your tiles are going to stick out like sore thumbs. (in a bad way). Don't give up though.
hello world
there is a good way to improve the way you tile.
for you the problem is blending on other people borders.

follow this link~~~> tile tutorial
hi kitenkat
is there a way to contact you beside here?
i would like to propose you something about
a painting work.

you can contact me by email(but don't its full of junk)aol at kittentat123,but i check here often.