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It's time...
... to write something here. Done.
Re: It's time...
What a beautiful peice of writing! You should seriously consider publication :).
Re: Re: It's time...
Hehehe ezo ;) . It is not easy for me to write about myself. Well, I really can do it, but the result is too influenced by my feeling status at that moment. That's why I change my statement fast and commonly. Well, while I was writing that first post to my user, I wrote a big text... but while doing that, my feelings changed... and I deleted it and added "Done". I would be called a "very fast changing mind" or else "crazyness". Who knowns... :) Well, today I'm much less "speeded", so, I will write something coherent (I hope):

tiles.ice.org changed my life. Yes, it does it. It is a very strong phrase, but it is true. I explain. Before starting painting tiles (about 6 months ago), I had near no painting knowlegde and very few practice. So, I'm learning a bit of how to paint and digital paint with this site. The way it works made me apply the effort enough to increase my level fast... First it was just the technical part, how to paint shadows, how to do detailed things... But then, I started (without being conciouss of that) proyecting my feelings to the tiles. It looked also as if some tiles proyected that to some people watching these. So, I've discovered a new way (new way for me) to express my emotions, my feelings, to be more impulsive and "artist" than ever. And that was not only in the tiles or painting, but also in the real life. And it has helped me a lot. Now I express much more always... It is great :) And all started since the first time I entered this site. So, this site changed my life :).
Other great thing of this site, is the people here. YOU are all great people. I've been talking through irc by some of you, and you know how I love & respect you. It is a superb community :).
In these moments, I have too little time to paint tiles... I'm working, studying and also partying lots of days in this christmas time... so, no time for painting. But I really want to paint any tiles soon...
Well... it is a bit late now, but Happy New Year to all... (at least for the people who use the date using I do)
A question... when the t-shirts with "I LOVE ICE" (with an hearth as the "love" word)???
Ciao :)
make some tiles ;oD
Happy New Year Javi!!! :o)))

sPaz is busy designing the new site... after that is finished, i believe there will be a page devoted to offering items like an "i love ice" shirt. Ciao !
our quilt dissapeared.
i don't know why. but it's gone... atleast i can't find it..
kinda shitty. because this was the only time i could work with the start tile.. oh well..

. maybe it's just a bug or something.

talk to you later!
there was an error
the quilt page was created, but no tiles were offered...
so we're working on it, and hope to get it fixed today ;o)
Hi there
Hi Texel, how r u?

I´m thinking of going back drawint here. But... I always did it with the mouse. Do you use some kind of drawing system instead of mouse?

Thanks :P

Hasta pronto
Re: Hi there
Hi Víctor! I'm happy of hearing again about you! Sure, I use a tablet for painting tiles. I advice you to buy one, you will increase your painting level a lot, you will love the tablet :). I got a Conceptronic FreeDraw, a really cheap tablet (I suppose it is about 30-40 euros). The most famous tablets are Wacom tablets. I haven't tried Wacoms, but everybody say are the best. I can tell you that my freedraw works fine. Wacom are a little bit expensive (but not so much). See you, Victor.
Re: Re: Hi there
Thanks for the info :P

I´ve been looking for tablets via internet in my city, i found Genius 5x4 inches for 40 euros... the best one is also Genius but it´s 108€ worth... 12x12 inches... i think i will try with the cheaper and maybe someday will change to a better one, if i like it.

I´m anxious for buying it :D

C ya ;D
Photo updated
I love you all.
Photo updated, I love you all.
love you too XD