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This tile is from ji-tO-ny quilt

Comment: democracy2dictatorship.gov patriotic act3 (coming soon!!??) .i guess this title doesn't fit well...hmmmm...
By: jito
Checked out at: September 09, 2003
Checked in at: September 09, 2003
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i love my tile :D
5 + a coin;
well no i will be ashame to give a coin to myself ^^haha!
Re: wow
Hey, I like your tile too! The texture you added gives it that forgotten, dusty corner feeling. And it looks like something is lurking behind the wall.
Re: wow
not common to see brushstrokes on your tiles. i like it very much.
you'd get a 5+ from me if i'd be able to vote on it.
Re: Re: wow
all my tiles are done with brushtroke 1 pixel large
lately i did some blur tool
to make my gradient more easy.
yes i don't do sketch style tiles often because
it change the style of quilt or confuse people.

if you do sketch tile then your neighbourg have to do
sketch style also etc...
Of course it's nice to do...
use color gradients and a more regular style
is more nice to neighbourg for my point, more collaborative
oriented mind.
thank for your nice coments
and for the coin :D
sinister silence
Re: thanks
You OWN.. thats fucking BAD ass..

great job , looking forward to see more of your incredible art..