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Hey! It's ezo from DA. Is this place competitive or what? I can't wait for mosaics to be back up; I feel like every tile I make here is not to contribute to the art, but to improve my ratings. Oh well, it's tiling (or quilting, heh heh) all the same, and it's definately making me work harder and improve.
i am sorry
i know you spent time
doing your 2 tiles for quilt "incredible city"
(we don't count the first tile right?!was a joke
i supose)

but i think you didn't read well the breifing
before starting your tiles.
and anyone who don't match the theme
will have his tile sent back or deleted (exemple :dimeboy).

good continuation on quilts,
and i am sure we gonna be neighbourg again
and that will have good results.
Re: hi
I have posted the second tile on my site. In the tiles album. After looking at your site I think I see what the main problem is your taste and my taste are very different.
Re: Re: hi
why not post the first tile you made for "incredible city"
also,is there a problem with this one?

oh !about tastes... hehe
the technicality of this tile is fine, I just don't like the idea.

Every newbie puts a big face in the sky and I really don't like it that. The person below you isn't going to know what it is, so it will always remain that. A face floating in the sky. "

"Re: Re: hmmm
Ok here's a thought piss off!!
1.You don't know what my status is newbie whatever.
2.Looking at the tile I got only a mind reader would know it was a sky.
you're a little judgmental, no doubt a lengend in your own mind."

(http://tiles.ice.org/tile_info_surreal.php?quilt_id=284&tile_id=23679 |
2003-09-25 )

you gonna hate anyone here now,or it's just me ? lol

Re: Re: Re: hi
Thanks for reminding me. It is now posted also.(and yes I now it is'nt that) And no I don't hate you are anyone else! Hell I don't even know you how could I hate you? But it did piss me off a little that you kicked me off while I was working on a tile. I was up very late working on it cause I did want it to be good. And I think it turned out rather nice with all the little pointers taken into account it had content and lead off to other tiles so someone else could take it thier way. But like I said it's your project.
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