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This tile is from Newbies 20: The Dodecahedron of Newbie Quilts

Comment: Oh man, messed this one up bad.. :|
Checked out at: December 15, 2002
Checked in at: December 15, 2002
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sorry, but its imho a bad tile
The tile has nothing to do with the borders - you cut the plank from above, you made some nonsense lines out of the bit fire from below.
On the upperright you "copied" the tile of a plank and "paste" it 3 times!
the red line in the lowerright part is also not fitting in with the right border.
And well, the "white eye" makes no sense.
And the cyan color from the bottom is nowhere else .. if only the eye would be cyan insted of white, but no.

And what is the blue thing on the left? I tried to capture it well in the next(left) tile - a really hard job, and then? I see its nothing. Nothing.

This tile is a big disappointment to me.

But well, its a newbiequilt ... your luck. Only 0 points and i hope you think about your tile next time. ;)
Re: sorry, but its imho a bad tile
wow, i think that was a bit harsh..
the tile doesnt really have to make sense - its surreal, after all...
even though i agree with the poor use of borders, its not all that bad.. to be honest, i wouldnt have figured that the bottom was fire, so to say that its nonsense isnt very encouraging..
and at least he tried to make the left border interesting, not just leaving it black..
for a first tile, its not all that bad... i've seen worse, at least
Re: Re: sorry, but its imho a bad tile
I would have to agree with Freeek. That was a little harsh and I've seen worse tiles. I've even made worse tiles...

This site features all different types of digital art and artists. Each person has their own style, preferences, abilities and skill level. Not to mention the variances in graphics programs. That's what I really appreciate about the quilts. I've seen tiles that (in my opinion) reflect talent that really knock my socks off, and I've seen tiles that (in my opinion) aren't as spectacular. I like to watch the progression after people have been here a while and I like to see how people interpret different ideas. It can be good and it can be not so good, but at least it's always interesting & unique! :-)
Hear and think
I think you did a kick @$$ job for a newby quilt@!
I do believe that if your gonna cut out a part of the border for a "border blend" you should atleast blend it pixel by pixel so that it looks original, somewhat. your random art form has a good artistic value even if some people here are harsh about it. Lysten to what they have to say and try to adapt your style to a new form (what they sudgest in your own form). I might have continued the wood theme in a like pattern. But I am not you, so for this tile being a newby quilt, I think you did good. Keep learning and improving and I look forward to seeing more of your work!

To all of the Pro`s out there;
Alot of people are just learning how to do graphic art and need all the encourgement the can get! Try to look at it from a teachers prospective, and help teach them how to improve there style, instead of makeing them feel like they did not even contribute to the artwork. Every tile, if its intent is art, is a contrubtion.

Re: sorry, but its imho a bad tile
Well , thats the kind of comments I love even if its a bit harsh =]

Id love to see a quilt judged pretty hard somewhere on this site =)

When I first came to iCE , I too gave pretty low scores on what appeared to be pretty acceptable tiles ...

Anyway , just saying I dont mind harsh critism ... its like cheaters , they only make you better in the long run (yes I played counter strike ;)) =]

As for the tile itself , I smiled the first time I saw it ... Remember those other newbie quilts wheres theres eyes at the end of cables everywhere ? This newbie quilt appears to be much better in terms of quality , and along with this comes a much better "eye on a cable" , hehehe =]
Re: sorry, but its imho a bad tile
Hm... I think this tile is pretty nice. It connects 3 tiles with a complicated borders - planks, fire and so on.
So i vote 5.
It's very good tile for Newbie quilt
imHo????? ...it's a newbie quilt...
and it's a surreal quilt. so as long as the blending is ok it doesn't have to fulfill anyone else's concept of what it should "be about". hopefully you were just kidding about the score you gave. that would be a ridiculous score for an above average newbie tile. sorry, but imHo you sound just a tad arrogant.

i thought we were supposed to be lenient with the scoring on newbies as they learn to tile... i voted 5 ...and on a mainquilt i still think this tile should be worth at least a 3

peace :o)
The tile lacks...
detail. Nevertheless this is a good start. Next time more diligance in working the borders into ones own tile, and a tip for the iris: the white highlights have to be on the side from where the light comes from, than the light goes through an illuminates the iris on the other side, at least it seems so.
you did highlights and lighted iris on the same side, which is not quite correct
Well I have to say I agree with the "harsh" critique.
I started on the tile and just got lost.
The borders made me "draw a blank". I hope I might rectify my first impression when my second tile shows up.
Well I'm not put off in any way by the critique (and I guess that's not the point either..) ;)
I'll just have to concentrate on my border blending and not take any more cheap escapes by "cutting and pasting" ;)
Looking forward for some more C & C as I post more stuff.
Been a long time since I last made a tile, so long that I actually forgot my login password and had to create a new account.
But hey this is the most fun you could have on the net when It comes to collaboration art.
Just have to love it!
Re: ;)
Copy & Paste rules!
I use it a lot : )
I find the clone tool useful, but I use it to carve out a base for a tile and then alter it until the original pattern can't be seen in it. It works pretty well, and tends to be less obvious than smudging.