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This tile is from Newbies 20: The Dodecahedron of Newbie Quilts

Comment: One ring to bind them...
Checked out at: December 12, 2002
Checked in at: December 12, 2002
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! :) !
A imho really good start-tile ... the connected tiles didnt get this really good .. hope the lower tile have some surprise which fit in :)
Re: ! :) !
yup i love this one
good i like Tolkien a lot :) +5
Re: Re: ! :) !
I ALWAYS love Lord of the Rings tiles :) I wish we could do another LOTR quilt. I'm quite embarassed with my tiles on that quilt.
The hand is one of the most hard to draw and looking at this tile is a real pleasure. The eye also worked out great, though remembering the movie, the eye was one whole flame (?). Still, great tile, +5.
in the movie it was just one big sea of flames ... but the movie is only just an interpretation of the book like this tile.
yeah, I should have watched the movie again before drawing this tile, but I took another drawing as inspiration. After all I'm still not satisfied with the green. And the reflection of the flames in the eye is not quite visible as such.
better next time, at least I was able to give ScorpS a hard time with those flames ^^
GREAT WORK! I just sent in my third tile...you blow me away! What programs did you use for this?? Very creative and artistic mind! Keep it up and hook me up with some advice when you see my tiles!