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This tile is from Newbies 20: The Dodecahedron of Newbie Quilts

Comment: the right border was really difficult
Checked out at: December 16, 2002
Checked in at: December 16, 2002
Checkout tile:


what border??
I think you did a great job blending that border!! You make me sooooo jealous with your artistic abilities...once again, I am blown away! great work...what programs do you use?? Please help me...I love your work, I currently have Bryce and Adobe, if you have the time it would be really cool if you could post a tutorial and give a few hints on how to become the 'bomb-diggity' tile artist!!
Yep, it was really hard to made something out of the right border fits in with the others. So i got this waterpipeline-idea. ... but well, i dont like this clean blue, so i changed it .. dont know if this is the object of the exercise.

Some hints? Well, i only can tell about my way. I scale the tile to 500% in Photoshop, paint and reduce it to the original size, than i sharp it once. This is the technical part.

To the ideas .. first i fill the image with colors given by the borders to get the mood of the tile. Then i think about how to combine them .. and well, thats all? ;)

There is no magic behind it, just a lot of little things come together.
well, damn, in the mainview of the quilt there is a stupid gamma-border ... and well, the upper-checkouttile-border doesnt fit in gamma with the tile above. *grmpf*
HEY! What's that???
The regulars only rate this tile a 3?
Well, then at least they and all others can give some comments why they have given such a low score. Duracel had to blend in 3 different borders, with one really hard to blend in, an he did a perfect job I think.
In the headline its says that because of the newbiequilts, errors will be tolerated more. Does that also mean that people who show their potential get dissed because of having more experience in drawing and contributing better pictures?
There are even worse tiles with less effort rated higher in this quilt. Sometimes I wonder how the people rate in here. Roll the dices or just run for the "regulars vote"....Pfff...

Dura gets a clear 5 from me, over and out
Re: HEY! What's that???
i agree that this is a very good tile. i think the score is too low also... it should be at least a high 4 point something.

but you say that since the score is "so low" that everyone should comment, and that maybe talented artists are penalized for being talented. to that i disagree... everyone wants 5's, but in reality a 3 is a good positive score. and voting is very subjective... what we think of as a 5, everyone else may not. since we put our work and our egos on the line here, we have to accept the ruling we get from others. a 5 just means you pleased everyone. you do have to compromise to do quilts, yes... but if you're doing tiles with the idea of only receiving 5's, then you are doing tiles for the wrong reasons and you are going to be dissapointed. have fun and do tiles for yourself and to learn.

i don't think anyone is intentionally dissing Duracel by giving him a 3 while other tiles get higher scores.
it's just the subjective thing again. it's like which is better, chocolat or steak? there's no accounting for individual taste.

Re: Re: HEY! What's that???
ok, well i voted a 3 for this because its not as good as some of Duracel's other tiles. since i know what to expect from him, i'm pretty much voting in comparison with his previous tiles. this one looks oversharpened. i once heard somewhere that if you can tell what filter/tool was used to achieve an effect, it wasnt used right. so to me, the pipe and block in the middle just doesnt look quite right, probably due to sharpening. also, the top border isnt seamless, so that also detracted a bit, although its only a minor thing.. also, Duracel's other tiles have all been scenes, where you can tell what is clearly going on. in this one, i cant tell what is really happening, other than there's water and a pipe.. the artistic side of it is still pretty good, but i just thought it didnt go over well as a tile.
Re: Re: Re: HEY! What's that???
and everythings fine now. I people took more time in explaining their choice, then low scores would not bother me at all
Re: Re: HEY! What's that???
The thing is, this was on the newbie quilt. I am amazed that Duracel has not a single five rated tile yet, despite proving to be one of the best tilers to come along in a good while here.