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I do find your work insperational, you didn't need to try to ad anything to inspire the next tile. I think the age old lesson of don't try is what aplies. I also noted that of all the comments and others interaction your the only one who flipped my switch, not that you really said anything different, but for some reason I felt sparks, so what's up with that. I do know that friction like that is what makes one reach higher to achieve though, so that's another point to prove you inspire me. So can I ask, what's your sign? There's a quilt I'd like to see done, signs of the zodiac.
Exactly what do you mean by friction? Is that a good thing, or bad?

As for needing to inspire the next tile, well, that's not why I write those reflections about each. I do it to give others insight into what I did, what I like and don't, and why. I've seen plenty of tiles and just wanted to know what the author was thinking, but the messages about it are blank. After all, even one sentence from the creator says more than "The author gave this tile a #" ever will.

I don't even know what my sign is. My birthday's September 24, so I think that's a scorpio or taurus, but I don't pay much attention to things like that.
Re: Friction<i>?</i>
Friction is good, it's like constructive critisism, it's what makes fire when you strike a match head to a flint, it's what procreates babies when opposite sexes connect, it's what sparks inspiration in the heart and sends it flowing through the veins and onto the canvas of life. Your a Libra like my father, Tauras is end of April through May and Scorpio is end of Oct. through Nov. I'm a Scorpio.
Re: Re: Friction<i>?</i>
I'm an Aries, which means I'm stubborn, ornery, and will eat just about anything (at least I used to). I also smell funny and bang my head against things. In the chinese zodiac I'm a horse, which is basically just a giant rat. ;)
Re: Re: Re: Friction<i>?</i>
he he he he your funny and cute
Re: Re: Re: Re: Friction<i>?</i>
Thanks :)
Re: Re: Friction<i>?</i>
Hmm, ok. Why'd I think I was one of those?
i'm # 1
hey cool, i'm # 1 on your favorite tilers list.


hmmm, actually i guess that could be good or bad.
Re: i'm # 1
I'd say good. I seem to see your tiles a lot, I vote on every new tile I see, and I recall your tiles as excellent, on average.
Re: Re: i'm # 1
thanks, i was surprised. it's not often i see my name on someone's favorites list.
ho Chris :o)
'way to be' is ebonics for 'way to go' [from 30 years ago].
just means congrats ;o]
Re: ho Chris :o)
Hmm, I missed this message -- what were you referring to?
Re: Re: ho Chris :o)
ho Chris, good to see you tiling again.

i don't remember exactly what or where... but i had said "way to be" as a compliment on something you had done, and you asked what it meant.
anyway, it was meant as a good thing ;o)

hahahaha now i'll go crazy looking for the source of my original comment
Re: Re: Re: ho Chris :o)
Heh, yeah, I figured that, I was just wondering :D
Hey man I was just wondering where the hell youve gone lol :D, havent seen you since august or something.
Anyhow those tiles look fine. Especially the tree with the blue boobs :P.
You should get on aim more often.
Re: hello?
Whoa, hey. Yeah, I know I've kinda disconnected. I should get on aim at all.