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This tile is from Newbies 20: The Dodecahedron of Newbie Quilts

Comment: Capture the Treasure Fleet!
Checked out at: December 13, 2002
Checked in at: December 13, 2002
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Ah ;)
nice one =)

I really like this row of tiles you and duracel are working on =)

would you 2 by any chance communicating on what tiles you made ? ;)
Re: Ah ;)
Nope, we didnt.

Well, as i say in the other comment, it was just the beer-mug reminds me of monkey island ... and well, monkey island is full of pirates. ;)

and so, cause of my tile next to this, 2 other tiles are a bit piratish too ... i dont get it out of my head ... forgive me.

but 3 others arent piratish *puuh*
Re: Re: Ah ;)
sweet =)

do as many pirates as you wish really =] ;)

great work =]
Hey :)
another great piece :)

i didnt know it was something pirat inspired me to the right picture - i only saw the (beer)mug and thougt it could only be a grog mug out of monkey island ;)

Well, the treasure-map looks extreme good! .. only the cross is a little bit top hard to see.

Clear 5Points! :)
Re: Hey :)
Thx ^^
If you refer to the tile below me, form which I had to work on, it at once came to my mind: this has to be a treasure map (a little bit also inspired by the wood).

Perhaps I should have put in more detail, because of the rather low rating of the regulars so far... :/
Well, at least a have given Duracel a cocktail umbrella and a pewter mug to work on from, and I'm really curious how the tiles to the right and above look like

Concerning the Cross: the X marks the spot...no just kidding ^^
perhaps your are right, but I didn't want to let it stick out of the picture.
Re: Re: Hey :)
Hmm, I think the low rating could be because the tile kind of makes itself hard to see. The skull is so bright surrounded by pure black, and the bottom half of the tile is so dark. A bright light or something shining on the bottom half of the tile would really have improve the tile, because the bottom just seems so murky and the top takes even more emphasis away from it.

Really, you'd want the viewers to be drawn towards the map, because that's the most detailed and probably took the longest to make.
Re: Re: Re: Hey :)
yeah, you are right. I see the problem of the overdominance of the white area...
Hm, the lower border was dark and made me darken the map as well...
But perhaps your monitor settings are to dark ^^
Re: Re: Re: Re: Hey :)
Yeah, I know, my monitor is almost too dark. I'd prefer to set it brighter, since this setting is jusssst barely bright enough, but this is as bright as it gets :| Still, that bottom is dark; you could have added something near the left corner to brighten it up. Maybe a yellow paper posted on the bar or something, to continue the paper theme. It's still good, though.