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artwork on your site ;o)
The second coin i gave to someone(tile: id=17719) was just a happening, a wrong click ...

dont know how to annulate it ... doesnt really matter ;)
Re: @coins
Thx to the admin who fixed this problem. :)
Damn you are good!
And prolific. Time for everyone to start putting you at the top of the invite lists.

If someone wasn't being a jerk and lowering your scores I think you would have a tally over 100 already.
It seems you are new at this? You certainly caught on quick! I love your style and think it's awesome how you can fit so much detail into such a small area. I only have one gripe with you however..

There is so much sharpness and detail in your tiles as opposed to your neighboring tiles, that it often takes away from the consistency of the quilt. I know it sounds bad to suggest downgrading your quality of work to mach up with those not as good, but I think this is the only reason none of your tiles holds a 5 score. Which many of them indeed deserve.

keep up the nice tiling!
Re: wow
Yep, i know, especially in this wave-picture this is the problem to the picture gives the border.

Im here since 5weeks i think. So id did around one tile per day. ;)

But this time a have the time. But it wouldnt be possible to hold this speed.