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This tile is from Newbies 20: The Dodecahedron of Newbie Quilts

Comment: Cheers!!!
Checked out at: December 14, 2002
Checked in at: December 14, 2002
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Good Job!
nice done :)

You captured the caribean-flair imho very well form my tile on the right ... and this bunny ;D ... ok, i dont like red hair, but who carez.

interesting also, you though those rapier/epee is just a rivet(german: Niete) - it make sense. :)
Re: Good Job!
thx, I first wanted to do a mermaid, Arielle style, but then I found out I was not able to paint the seashells the cover her t... breasts ^^
Admit it, you had to look up the word "rivet" (and what else should I have done with it, did not see the full rapier at all :P).
Re: Re: Good Job!
wow, hi digitaldecoy-forumer :)
really great!
this and the tile from duracel!
Re: Re: Good Job!
yeah. looking forward to seeing you both on the other quilts...
Sex sells!
Proven again ^^