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This tile is from Newbies 20: The Dodecahedron of Newbie Quilts

Comment: I never want to do fire again.
By: ScorpS
Checked out at: December 12, 2002
Checked in at: December 13, 2002
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sorry, my fault, I wanted to do fire so badly ^^
But u did a good job there, and gave it right back to me, my tiles are left and right to yours...but thumbs up and 5 points!
Re: Well...
You! I should have known!

Wait a minute...
There is no way for me to have known; but it sounds good; so I'll let it stand at that.
Well, great Effekt
but you did not make something interesting for the new borders, just the same as you get.
Well, 4 Points.
Re: Well, great Effekt
Hmm, I disagree. This tile's left border looks very different from Bull's tile's left border -- it has a lot more fire, and that highlighted red stone floor. The bottom border has a great deal of red stone, something that wasn't in the right tile's left border at all; and even the top border has a sliver of cyan in it. About the only think that could have improved the tile would have been making the sphere extend beyond the top border, so the artist above could have had that cyan to work with directly.

Good job, ScorpS.
Re: Re: Well, great Effekt
and additionally, not adding anything new can be a good thing... subtle adding of new elements rule...
Re: Well, great Effekt
4 Points, i'll take it. Thanks.

I see your point though. It's my 5th tile. I must learn to be less selfish. That's probably the reason why my "stone face" tile is doing so poorly. I must have more faith in my fellow quilters, not that I don't have faith. I just need to remember somebody has to "continue" my piece.
Well ...
i say, its great work - but its not the limit imho ... well, i.e. my tile with the pirate-hat could have a better lower border.

The point with the cyan of the orb direct in the border is one point. i.e. i scaled the pirate-hat in the end, so the gold-border will get an interesting new aspect. ;)

But anyhow, great work, especially for a "newbie"quilt i think ;)
what prevented me from giving a coin...
first, I have to save the coin for duracels pirate hat ^^
second, the transition from my to your tile has a flaw, namely the transition of the black thing into the middle flame row (it is an arm leading into a hand, I think I can say so much now)


And why should you have guessed that it was me? This time the pictureupload was OK ;)
Re: what prevented me from giving a coin...
Glad to hear you've worked out your upload problems.
Well I didn't see an arm there, sorry. Looking forward to your tile being revealed. Hopefully it won't be to bad.
Nice tile
Looks like someone tossed their jack-o-lantern into the fiery depths of hell.
Re: Nice tile
Originally the title was going to be "A snowball's chance.". By the time I was done/fed-up with it and uploaded it, my mood had changed.
Re: Nice tile (wishing I could edit posts.)
Also, It was originally going to be a dodecahedron instead of the sphere. The sphere was more straight forward to do, and my rough attempt at a dodecahedron didn't read well.
And yeah it's a hell'ish scene. I don't like to think of hell as a hopeless thing so that's why I added the cyan, a hint of unseen hope - a way out. Hopefully that got accross.
Re: Re: Nice tile (wishing I could edit posts.)
Hellish it may be, but throw in some marshmallows & a stick and I'll be in heaven... ;-)
Coin from me, I don't even give a damn what other people think, see my comment on the coin...

Re: heh
Wow. My First Coin! Thank you, Merci, Doumo Arigato. :D
One thing interests me still
How was your working procedure on the fire?
Did you use some layers and some PhotoShop distortion or did you do it all by hand?

And: the bottom left is very cool, supposed to be flames crawling on the floor, and no red stone floor, isn't it?
Re: One thing interests me still
All done freehand. Yeah lots of layers. Now that I think about it, I could have used the shperize filter, but I didn't. It was an effect I wanted to attempt manually. I'm not totaly happy with it, Things should have been much more crowded around the edge of the sphere, and the fire itself is lack luster at best. The foreground "floor" is supposed to be red hot stone slab (cracked) with light coming from the lava flow underneath. Everybody sees what they want.
Re: Re: One thing interests me still
It looks to round, but cracks in stone are not round...well...just mentioning
And the chaos sphere legacy beggins |=]

Im making a tile to support yours in the bottom left corner =]

All out chaos sphere wars =]
Re: |=]
Chaos Shpere.

Oh my.

"Imitation is the sincerest form of flatery."
Re: Re: |=]
well it seems I cant continue the project , I didnt forsee my score going above 25 when my other tile on another quilt got rated :P

damned =P