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This tile is from Newbies 20: The Dodecahedron of Newbie Quilts

Comment: Burn MF, Burn
Checked out at: December 13, 2002
Checked in at: December 13, 2002
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This tile kicks ass!! Great way to end all the fire tiles :)

My stuff looks like an 11 year olds compaired to this :)

Looking forward to see what you'll come up with next

thx a lot
I'm now sitting on another monitor at university, and I must say it looks even better here than on my on Monitor. Seems like this TFTs have more contrast than my old thing at home, though they seem to make the low colors much too dark
Yep, really exellent
Nice job ma man!
sweet, just plane old sweet!!
Re: Nice job ma man!
thx, but what on earth is "penical", as you stated in the coin comment?
did you mean sth like "pinnacle"? ;P
great job ma man!
nice tile.... i think he meant "pinochle" ;o))
Re: Nice job ma man!
I agree..awesome tile man!! BTW;thanx for the advice on the tablets...gotta save some$$$ and get that stuff-->just you wait...I'll be comming up with the bomb-diggity tiles after we are well equipped! :-))
Re: Re: Nice job ma man!
I hope so, and woe to you if you disappoint me ;)
Re: Re: Re: Nice job ma man!
oooooohhhhhh...that sounds like a challenge...i shall do everything in my power to please your artistic eye!!
Re: Re: Re: Re: Nice job ma man!
very nice. what software u use? i've seen ur other tiles ur objects r really cool...
great one! 5+
Late but not too late. ;)
A coin, for this perfekt tile. Great perspecitve, lights and shades, and a perfect work with this border with great reason for those flames.