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I like especially the light blue one (white face/weird glasses).
Re: Nice...
heh, that one's my least favorite
I don't understand why, but you hav done some brilliant tiles, and then some very average ones... your ideas are usually good, but sometimes it looks like you just don't put in any effort into the work?

Anyway, don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking your work... you do great tiles,like I said - keep it up!
Re: Amazing
well, it all depends on the kind of border i get.. if the border looks haphazardly done, then my tile tends to follow the same pattern..

like with the gear tile, the top border had great colors to work from, so i could do more with what i was given..

i think in future i will wait out to get tiles with more borders, or maybe just better ones, rather than taking anything i see when i want to do some tiles..

also, sometimes i have a great idea in my head, and i go really quickly to get what i want down, and i dont take the time to go back and refine it after the basic idea is there..
Good Christian
Hey Freeek :)
I had to comment :)
I saw we started on the same newbquilt but now you've already done 5x as much tiles as me. I just can't believe it ^^

Wonderfull tiles, but still the clown is my all time favorite :D
Re: Hey Freeek :)
heh, well thats what happens when i do tile after tile only taking an hour each :P

and that was before i took care in my tiles.. but i've learned from that, etc etc..

i still dont know why that clown tile got such a high score.. doesn't look so good to me (it's one of the ones that took ~1h)
Hey...You have a real talent never give up on your drawing!