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This tile is from Newbies 20: The Dodecahedron of Newbie Quilts

Comment: bullshafts treasuremap just in mind ... no better idea, so i made something more out of this idea - - used reallife-reference for the flames
Checked out at: December 17, 2002
Checked in at: December 17, 2002
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Hey =]
Damn one is damn sweet duracel , really love it =) !
But i wonder ... there is no "comin soon" picture beneath my tile - i think, to the left, there will be the quiltborder, but beneath have to be another tile *confused* - perhaps its only not show, i dunno.

Well, to my tile, i dont like the conection to the straight line from above, but didnt know how to blend it in right ... so i decide to take it as something like a border between land and sea .. but its not the best i think.
Also i had Problems with the flame from the lowerleft ... it doesnt fit in as the translucent little flames you can see if you start to get the paper burning. ;) So i only take the fire-idea, but didnt conenct the flame of the lowerleft itself direct to the paper. *shame on me*

hope the picture itself let those parts forget a bit
Re: Thx
oh , "coming soon" icons only appear if someone took and completed the tile below yours =]

so the person is A) Checking it out , or B) the tile hasnt been taken yet...

PS, Im a fan of realism in pictures and I dig those flames =]
Re: Re: Thx
It have to be finished or my one above wouldn't be shown, or?

Well, no matter what i know. ;)
The tile itself...
looks great, although it's a little boring, standing there alone. And the transission from the faces nose to the map was not so well chosen, because it emphasizes the border between your tile and your neighbor's
Duracel: You are going to see a hard line at the top of this tile when the one above it becomes visible. I sent this tile back once for it to be fixed, but you ignored my comment. I believe the bad edge happened because you drew outside your border. I didn't send it back a second time because I thought you would just check it back in again. Also, this tile is on the newbie(practice) quilt, so it doesn't matter very much.
Re: blending
It could be a gamma problem, but your other tiles looked fine, so I ruled that out.
i red the message, than i cut out the 128*128 inner part and paste it at the original png-file i downloaded and looked special on .. but in my programm it looked fine .. so i didnt know and sent again.

well, i dunno, think this was just a one-off problem.