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This tile is from Newbies 20: The Dodecahedron of Newbie Quilts

Comment: Its Been A While. Good To Be Back. Sloth.
Checked out at: December 12, 2002
Checked in at: December 12, 2002
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What's that?
This tile is a huge smudge-O-rama. Did you have any motive I mind when you did this tile, or did you just close your eyes and smudge a little?
Although this is a newbie quilt, at least one should put some effort in it. And although it is a surreal quilt, it does not mean you only have to smudge around with the only given border. You had enough room to be inventive somehow with 3 free borders. One can really do better than this, even if not so experienced, merely by putting more effort in ones work.
Re: What's that?
Wow, you'be really found a way around the whole:

Don't insult people or art (i.e. 'This image really sucks', 'You're a terrible artist')
No trolling (posting something inflammatory to get people to respond in an angry manner

You have effectively said "This image really sucks" without really saying it! Props dude! Every current post I've clicked on today has some type of critical remark from you on it. Why so bitter?

Here's a tissue. Wipe your eyes, bust out your smudge tool, and go nuts! :-P
Re: What's that?
Ok Bullshaft, your doing a great job of commenting on most of teh tiems, and most of your work is very good. That being said, plesae try to take the prospective of someone that wants to help out our artwork and not just down it. Alomst all fo this tile is from editinbg tools in adobe. I do admit that the top was blended very poorly. I dont know if I ran out of time or that I had one too many shots, but do you really feel the need to flame the tile like that? Is it sutch a poor work of art that it desserves sutch a harsh redicule?

"Did you have any motive I mind when you did this tile"

I was going for an underground root and leaf effect merging into a geometric pattern (witch ended being a sweet robot, done by yourself.) I like the rendom chaos efect in my tiles, having no set pattern. Your view of art is different from mine, and I bleave that there are no bad attempts, if the person is truley trying to create something.

HOW CAN YOU DIS ARTWORK! sounds a little like repression if you ask me. If you truley want to help, give advise on how it could have been made better, and not just talking $hit about it.

Ask yourself this question:
Do the comments you make about a tile help the person improve there artwork?
Are you just flaming the artist beacouse you did not like what you saw?

I really dont mide being flamed, but I would hate to see a beginner artest leave the site beacouse you felt the urge to yell at someone for not being as good as you.

Please think about this before you comment further on ANY tiles.
I do bleave though, that if you can tell that someone did purposly just throw up a tile just to get another 1 point thatn they should get a bad score. I am here tpo improve my skills, and to learn from all the artwork. I could care less about the score, and weither I have a -49 or a 245 score.

Thank you for commenting though, beacouse I did learn from your comments.

Re: Re: What's that?
Sorry, one last thing, I love the tile above this one, but you did leave me with a wacked border. I did a lousy job blending it, but the border could have been a bit easier to work with.

that's what the smudge stick is for!!
Although the yellow at the top doesn't exactly blend...at least there WAS an idea put into it with the robot!! I personally think that this tile is better than most of the the tiles that started with only one border...great idea and I hope you keep having them!!
sorry for...
critizising too harshly and too subjectively.

But the whole smudging and overladen "look its photoshopfilter" knocked me out.
I do not even know whether u have to work with a mouse or a board.
I do respect the works of others, whether they are good or not, for there are a LOT people out there who are doing a far better job than I do. So, if I have the impression the one really tried, it's ok. But here I mistook it as "well, here's my tile, don't care about it". Sorry if I did you wrong.
Re: sorry for...
I must appologise myself. That robot was sweet., and I know everyone was looking for an addon to it and to see something blossom, but instead you all got my low quality smeared shapes and adobe effects. I dont have the pad to really "draw" with my PC but thats not the point. I feel bad about lowering the standard of the tiles adjacent to mine. I hope to improve adn I really am still learning alot about G-A.

Now that I look at it, I wish I could take back this tile and put more effort into the picture.

Thanks for the critisem, beacouse the stronger you feel about the low quality of the tiles, the more It pushes me to try and make a better one next time.

Thank you!
Well, i hear everytime "its a collaborative artwork, so dont critizise to harsch" ... but well, look, he has done this robot and is looking for the thing he made this robot out of ... and well, then he have to see, there is nothing he made it out of .. this is really a disappointment!

Well, i want to say, this is a collaborative artwork, so show that you care about the others tiles with your own tile!