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This tile is from Newbies 20: The Dodecahedron of Newbie Quilts

Comment: well that's it. no idea how to include the upper right corner. the whole tile was visible, but it didn't fit into the flames comming from left and bottom...
By: stigi
Checked out at: December 19, 2002
Checked in at: December 19, 2002
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I don't believe...
that you actually painted the zippo yourself, the flame doesn't look like one, and the blendings with the other 2 tiles are not very creative (especially regarding that you even had the upper tile fully visible...)
google imagesearch

keyword "zippo"

second page


thats all i have to say
The flames from above are , ok, hard to combine .. but the "map"? You could paint ashes from the map, you could paint(perhaps you could not *rolleyes*) a zippo out of those sea of flames from the left light up my little flames from above.
well this is a newbie tile, isn't it? so please don't blame me to be a newbie...
Re: ...
I dont blame you, cause you are a newbie.
I dont care about your painting skills or some minor mistakes ...
... but well, noone can have such less fantasy, to fill one fourth just in black.
And well, is a zippo such a hard thing to paint? Noone expect the detailing and accuracy of a photo - and sure you can use a photo as reference - but just to copy/paste a photo is paltry.


"General tips for making better quilts

NEVER take someone else's drawing or photo and put it in your tile."

Re: Re: ...
There is no rule against photomanipulations on newbies and mainquilts. In fact we have done entire quilts using nothing but photos and they turned out quite well. I like that the lighter is pasted there for a reason and not just arbitrarily chosen as I have seen in some other tiles.
Re: Re: Re: ...
He was just quoting a text from the tutorial, so don't blame him please...
And to be honest, I also think when your in a normal quilt that doesn't say that you can use photo manipulation that you shouln'd use photo's. Just because it's not forbidden doesn't make it not lame :S

Personally, I think this 'artist' din't make a big effort to make it work out, so we don't need to make a lot of effort to give high rate's... if he did, we would be encouraging him or just giveing him a kick in the ass and let him go home. If he would quit then it's obvious that he ain't got what it takes...

And tiles.ice.org say's it self: An 'okay' tile should not get a 0, it should be a positive score. Only vote negative if you think the tile does more harm than good...

It's about the opinions of the viewers, and what the viewer beleives shouln'd be changed in any way at all, don't say that the other viewer is wrong about how he/she thinks about a tile, because else he/she wouln'd be a viewer anymore, but a person that let's his comments lead thru the people that argue with him/her...

Though... that's only my opinion... I'm sorry if I'm wrong... well, I actually ain't sorry if I am, because then I would be lead by other people... get my point?