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This tile is from Newbies 20: The Dodecahedron of Newbie Quilts

Comment: Robotics burning window illusion cluelessness
Checked out at: December 17, 2002
Checked in at: December 18, 2002
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Great idea to make a robot out of this border!!! Im really iterested what this border is meant to be in the tile to the left.

The Window is also looking good ... only there is nothing than black behind. ;)
I went...
out of time doing this tile, started late, and took too much care of that robot. So I neglected the flames in the left upper border, and with onle 10 minutes left I could not figure out what to do with it
yeah of course...
just give me a 3.6
of course...and no explanation why...yeah u are right...

Somehow your style to rate really sucks. What about being "usually understanding of mistakes and generous on the scores here"?
Oh sorry, I forgot: just the newbies get high scores for smudging out some tiles, without an explanation why such a score is given. Others who really try, do everthing themselves, do not paste any photos, work 3 hours or more on their tiles and put some effort in their tiles get their ass kicked by this ambivalent style of rating. Next time I'll do a tile in 30 minutes and smudge until it looks crap. Perhaps then I will get a high score again here...
Re: yeah of course...
I understand your disapointment.. it is a very good tile - all your tiles are for that matter. I am sure that this tile will get more in score when more ppl vote.

Re: Re: yeah of course...
If it was only for my tiles, well, I would not make such a fuss about it, but there are other artists here that deliver a more than decent job and get poor score
Great continuation of the border...having an artist as experienced and talented as you put ideas into the newbie quilt is extremely helpful to those of us with lesser knowledge of graphic design. Please let us in on your secret...what programs and equiptment do you use?? because I know that just a mouse and Adobe couldn't create such a bad-ass tile!! If that is all you use....I have one thing to say----->"WE'RE NOT WORHTY!!"
are you implying irony here or are u just exaggerating ;P

It's done in PhotoShop, but not with a Mouse, but a Graphic Tablett, like www.wacom.com sells them.

Everybody doing grafix on PC should have one. FREE WACOMS FOR ALL!
Re: ??
Both dungonmistress and myself are now getting these tablets! We have been useing old a$$ mice and its just not cutting it. Thanks for the nfo!
Re: Re: ??
if you really want to learn a lot, go there: forums.sijun.com

I recommend the cheap volito for beginners, or the graphire2, but they are almost the same.

But Wacom is the best, u need no battery, and the drivers offer lots of adjustments...and they simply WORK!
Re: Re: Re: ??
Orderd 2 of them, and Ill be asking many question im sure. Thanks ma man