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thanks for checking out and completely a knots tile! One thing I didn't mention in the short version of the rules is that the border tiles must not have any "frays" going off them (to the border)...

in other words, all ropes and ribbons must be re-weaved back into the quilt. You have finished the first border tile, so whenever you have the chance I would like to check it back out to you so you can weave the ends back inside.

I hope this isn't too much trouble for you, sorry for the inconvenience. It was pure coincidence you got the tile which determined where the borders were. :>

Otherwise the tile looks great! Thanks for participating. =)
Re: knots
err, typo:
"and completing"
Re: knots
Well, thanks for inviting me. :)
Though I'm not entirely clear on what you'd like me to do... it's no trouble, I'd just like to know what I have to do :)
Re: Re: knots
Ahh, dont worry about it..
I'll just add a rows around it when everyone has completed te 5x5
and explain the "end" at that time..

ignore my blurb ;P
wheres this beard i've been hearing about?
Re: hmmm
Hahaha, you can look at it here: http://rushfordma.tripod.com/physics/5.jpg
But uh... last night my judgement was severely impaired, and I gave in to the will of my friends and I cut it all off. :(
1000 Club :)
Yay! I reached 1000 votes! I know Primal_r and ikeivup are two others in this exclusive club... who else?? :)
Re: 1000 Club :)
whaaa ... where ya at mate? =)
Re: Re: 1000 Club :)
I was offline for a looooooooong-o time. It really sucked. I'm back now. Kinda looking for a tile. :)
Mystety user
Re: Re: Re: 1000 Club :)
ah...you are doing a main tile . . .

good job on having such a funky email adress :P
Re: Re: Re: Re: 1000 Club :)
I don't even use that email address :) I used to, but I don't want to give it up cuz I love it! I don't even use MSN cuz it's EEEEEEEVIL.
mike(antaydos) work
i think he is a really great artist and he should pursue it more. Keep going with the good work!
Re: mike(antaydos) work
that's just my sister. feel free to ignore that comment.
Re: Re: mike(antaydos) work
Excellent tiles my friend !
Jakub Sudra
Thanks for the invite. I haven't done any tile since what feels like centuries ago. One of the reasons was that for some reason I couldn't post any tile... anyways I'm kind of back.
Re: Thanks
I'm pretty sure you want to thank Root88 for that. I think he's the one who invited you.
only two more tiles and i'll kick you out of the "top ten tilers" highscore
Re: hehe
yuck! don't post on my member pages
once you have more votes , tiles
or whatever
thanks by advance :p
Re: Re: hehe
hm...about 71 more tiles for me... we'll see how long it will take... ;)
Re: hehe
except I am now tiling again. :)
Re: Re: hehe
you are here from the very begining of quilts anta'?

Re: Re: Re: hehe
no, i got here a couple months after the beginning. august 2001.