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A Tribute to H. R. Giger


thanks for the invitation Tony :D

I am so honored and glad
How much...
would it take to bribe you for an invitation? ;)
Re: How much...
you must sign over your first born to ICE, muhahahahaha
Re: Re: How much...
No problem!

Have fun when he's a teenager lol
Re: Re: Re: How much...
your invite should appear on the sign in page, top left :o)
Re: Re: Re: Re: How much...
Got it, thank you :D
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: How much...
lol :) he he Tony
u sounded like the dwarf form the fairy tale Ruppelsitinkin :)

bw sorry for any delays i been floded with work around here.
don´t worry ´ill finish my tiles
(i always do some how :) )
Unacceptable tile?
Yesterday evening upon signing on, I found an invitation to join this quilt and readilly accepted it. After accepting the invitation, I took an available tile below the tractor and spent a few hours working on it before turning it in when it instantly appeared on the quilt. I was pleased with the tile and went to bed at about 3:a.m. when I shut my computer down.
Today I opened my computer and when I got to Ice, I found that my tile had been deleted and I was marked as inelegible to participate! Perhaps I missed some tenet of the rules for the quilt? Is my score too low to allow me to contribute here or was it that my style was not VanGoghish enough to qualify me? Was the tile released to me in error, that is, was I excluded from the start and an administrative mistake made in releasing the tile to me? How could I have downloaded tile no. 17365 unless I was authorized to do so?
So as not to waste either of our time in the future, perhaps you will advise me on where I went astray. Other than that, I think that the quilt will be a beautiful piece of work, another credit to ice.org and to those who continually qualify to contribute.
Re: Unacceptable tile?
There is definitely a glitch in the cgi somewhere -- that's pretty much how I wound up on the Wicked Mines quilt. Your tile was a little cheery for Van Gogh but I thought the figures had something of the style. And I have't much leeway to judge your theme after going so far left field including a tractor in my own tile.

It's a shame to throw away the work done there.
Re: Re: Unacceptable tile?
Mantic... i agree you went waaay to the left with the tractor, looks a bit Norman Rockwellian ;o)
but the tile is very well done, if just slightly out of place. so i think it's okay as is, unless you wanted to change it in anyway to make it more Van Goghlike.

Eddie... first let me say i didn't delete your tile. but i can see what the trouble might have been... the fence kinda ran headlong into the upper right corner leaving little room for a good transition from your neighbor on the right to gecky's tile. you did match Mantic's style pretty well, but imo a bit more Van Goghy woulda helped. it would've been superb on a Rockwell quilt ;o)

just my opinion guys, no hard feelings. and don't feel bad Eddie, i've had a few tiles deleted too... peace
Re: Re: Re: Unacceptable tile?
Kinda a fluke my tractor tile came out looking so clean; result of working at 400% actual, even though my brush was big and sloppy. Hardly a Rockwell scene, though. I am tempted to pull it and modify, but I'd rather move on and try a fresh start at the style. Maybe I'll give it another shot if I figure something out.

I took the tile next to yours and hope to keep moving farther into the yellow and orange of autumn. Perhaps that will help me get closer to the style.
Hi Tony!.....
I'll go along with all that you say and thank you for your sensitivity in speaking your mind.
What leist impressed me about the tile I submitted, was the coloration of the work. The tractor was great and brought in an element of bold color which I gravitated towards. The fence was a bummer because it allowed for no greater than a 90 degree turn to make it work but there was not even radius room for I brought the fence rail up into the very corner.
The keyword that I lost was the "Organized" in organized quilt. I guess that by missing the intent of the quilt, I sort of disqualified myself!
I would have wanted the deletion to include some sort of explanation but I think that your comments are very succinct and well taken. You can't blame me for trying and I thank you for your fine comment.........

I wouldn't get mad if I had another chance, after all, I did recieve an invitation.Sure, the tile needed to be deleted but did I?...
Mystety user
Re: Hi Tony!.....
I saw the tile, Eddie. I was impressed by the match in VanGoghs style, particularly in the figures. The only thing the bothered me was the colors. the green too green and the purples and bright yellow far from vincent's palette (which I beleive is the biggest part of vanGogh's quality).
I also noticed the fence's imminent collision, but I don't think it's fair to have you deleted. You weren't very far off. The tile should have been sent back asking you to visit a museum and rework the tile. hmmph
Hey there Greg!
Thanks for softening the criticism on my rejected tile. I agree entirely with your observation that the tile could have been sent back to me for editing as was done to at least one other tile here. I also concur that banning me from the quilt wasn't really necessary. I'm glad to see you still out here having fun and am looking forward to your installation into the tilers hall of fame!
Re: Hi Tony!.....
maybe i'm too soft to be a good admin... i personally would have a hard time deleting anyone's tiles, and i don't think i'd be able to delete anyone from the invitees unless they were rude. left to my own devices, i would make wishy-washy 'suggestions' that a tile might be "better for the quilt" if it was reworked. then i'd leave it to the tiler to decide, and whether they refused or agreed, as long as it was done graciously, i would consider the matter closed. [as i did with Freek, Mantic and Luis after your tile was deleted.] maybe if i'd been tougher and had the nerve to be the one to send your tile back to you in the first place this could have been avoided. guess i was cowardly and left the dirty work up to someone else :o/ i apologize for my hesitation.

but i think a good administrator would be tougher and more decisive than i am,
and i still consider myself very much a newbie, so i won't second guess any admin's decision. as i mentioned, i've had tiles deleted too, and i think it was probably best for those quilts [in fact i've gotten away with some others that shoulda been deleted.] i have not been uninvited from a quilt though, so i can only imagine how bad you must feel, and i do feel for you. i respect your kind manner and the fact that you always take criticism like a gentleman, even at times when i think my own first instinct would've been to react badly.

Are people ever going to realize that organized collaborations aren't supposed to look like the Surreal quilts?

That's better. :)
From the opening page:

A Van Gogh Fall/Winter Landscape.


started by raganaga on 2002-11-26 03:35:46 PM
Dimensions: (6 x 4) tiles @ (304 x 200) pixels.
Score must be at least 9999 and at most 999999.
10 tiles completed (41% complete) representing (117 hours of work) + 4 tiles currently checked out

...........So, what IS this quilt?
The lead at the bottom of my latest tile...
...is part of a farm house. Painted spokes from the thatched roof, to be precise. Just wanted to clarify before it gets turned into yet another tree. Also, I am sorry about the sloping field into an ice pond making the tile below such a defficult prospect.
Mystety user
Re: The lead at the bottom of my latest tile...
oh neat. a big foreground piece will make this look real nice :)
Blue Indigo
is is it winter?
i think it has to do with the angle at which the suns rays are hitting the earth
no special reason... just seemed like a good idea at the time :o)
Blue Indigo
Re: i think it has to do with the angle at which the suns rays are hitting the earth
Van gogh never painted winter... though it is kind of a shame cuss this is looking great!'

Thanks for the invite..
never is a long time...
this one is called "Snowy Landscape...". i'm assuming it's fall/winter since the ground was covered with snow.
as far as i know, he never painted tractors either, hahaha
Re: ;o);o);o)
No, but he included trains and buggies. Perhaps if he'd had the opportunity... ;P
Re: Re: ;o);o);o)
bad Fluffy! :o)
beautiful quilt
This quilt is really well done--majority of it is very van gogh like--very impressive!!
Re: beautiful quilt
Yeah this one is very impressive.
Save me one!
which one you want root?
call dibs on a spot :o) 3 corners left
Re: which one you want root?
I made mine, someone else finish this thing up.
...no more blood stained snow...
ohhhhhh.... i just was thinking about more blood on snow... :))))
Holly *BLIP*
This is so *BLIP*ing cool! i was never really interested Van Gogh's work, but this is great!
This reminds me why i wanna know how to draw... and hate those who can :-)
This quilt is gogreous (sp)??? I don't care it's 6:09 a.m.
I have to apologize for not making a tile but I've been so damn busy lately it isn't even funny.

Regardless of whether I get a chance to make one or not, I think I'll get a high quality digital print of this and put it on my wall.

Hey, you thought of making a tiles calendar or something? :)

tiles calendar
i think that's an interesting idea. it would be cool if ICE had some merchandise like calendars and t-shirts available. is that what you meant?
Re: tiles calendar
We tried that, but we could never come up with the capitol to get anything off the ground.
Re: Re: tiles calendar
Yeah I think I remember WAY back when you guys had (or tried to had) T-shirts or something available.. I should of bought one, maybe it would of tipped the scales and I'd have a tiles calendar on my wall today :)

Naturally, a tiles-blanket would rock too.. the ultimate "quilt" lol
Re: Re: tiles calendar
What about that one website, http://www.cafepress.com/cp/info/ ? You can open a shop for free, you just have to come up with the designs. The Cafepress team will print, order, and ship for you. You set the prices, and arrange the catalogs, and leave the business side up to them. I'd buy a calendar.
Re: Re: Re: tiles calendar
I have been wanting to see iCE products since I joined the site. I just visited the Cafepress site and looked around, seems like it would be a great idea. We wouldn't have to worry about the capitol anymore. I'm sure Cafepress adds a considerable commission cost, but I couldn't find out how much.

I'd buy a calendar as well as other things like shirts, mugs, posters, etc.
i'm new