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This tile is from A Tribute to H. R. Giger

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By: stutte
Checked out at: February 27, 2002
Checked in at: February 28, 2002
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It's really 2 bad
that you didn't continue the white/green things on the right. it really ruins my drawing :( and the flow of the quilt.

I agree.
Content wise, this is a 5 all the way, but there's a feeling like this peice was completed long before you checked out a tile, and then just brought as little of the surrounding work into your finished peice to get the blend adequate.

Off to the right there's an abrupt stop to the work from the right, and on the bottom you had some incorperation from repeating the shell shape, but then none of that made it into the middle of the composition.

It's a beautiful peice, but it lacks cohesion with the whole of the quilt.

flow of the quilt
Looking at the overall flow of the quilt, the tile to the right of this one has a face in it that doesn't go with the flow of the feeling of the rest of the images in the quilt. It's too joyious, more cartoonish a feel like it's laughing in a slapstick way. Doesn't strike me as a tribute to the artist in mind unless your making fun of his work. I like the way this tile flows a lot better than the one to the right myself. In my oppinion, this tile flows more with the feeling and emotion of the rest of the quilt.
Re: flow of the quilt
I wasn't talking about 'the flow o/t quilt' in the sense you are talking about and I really didn't want to insult Giger. I didn't want to make an exact copy of a womans face like Giger does, but put in a bit of my style of faces. I agree that this tile is darker and more emotional than my tile, but I'm not Giger (dark moody images) and I don't agree that the face on my tile looks happy in a slapstick manner.

I was just upset with stutte not continuing the lines, which is really Giger's style, which I paid tribute to. Just look at Giger's - Biomechanical Landscape #2.
Re: Re: flow of the quilt
I am sorry GRRR, I wasnt trying to blow off the blending from your tile, I was trying to give it depth...by fading to black my intention was to make it seem like the green/white tubes are curving back and around what looked like a big room full of eggs on the bottom tile edge. I don't think it turned out like I would have liked, but I am just learning to tile, and some mistakes are bound to happen... sorry again GRRR. :(