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This tile is from A Tribute to H. R. Giger

Comment: Tattered queen of my heart.
Checked out at: January 16, 2002
Checked in at: January 16, 2002
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Very Wicked
Supercool extreme and all that good stuff!
Re: Very Wicked
thanks. I'm very proud of it...
Re: Re: Very Wicked
yeah, this tile is really fantastic. Great job, primal!

Re: Re: Re: Very Wicked
And the poems are here :)
Great tile
The bottom half of her left arm is longer than her upper arm. They should be the same length. No big deal, still a 5 in my book. Keep it up!
Re: Great tile
yeah. you're right... It's supposed to look like the shoulder is a little bit back, and her arm is slightly directed inward/outward ... it still looks strange tho... any tips on how to execute that kind of thing better?
Re: Re: Great tile
Uhm. I think I just discovered the cause of it...see, since when I drew, I had in mind that the right shoulder was closer to the "camera" and the left was further inward in the picture. So what was blended into a lower arm was in my toughts the upper arm, making what I was thinking as the shoulder look like the upper arm.

Dunno if I make sense tho =)... I could make it shortly... "imagine the shoulders at different depths" ... Gee... I think I lost myself again... Anyway.. It still looks odd, but not as much =)