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This tile is from A Tribute to H. R. Giger

Comment: i allways make things complicated.
Checked out at: January 31, 2002
Checked in at: January 31, 2002
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Better, but still not all that good... Guess we may as well try to learn from it. It doesn't seem like you're really connecting anything... just bringing them all to the middle while mutating and meshing them together. There's not really any forms or anything, just .. random mutations with blobs of smudged color and some highlights and shadows.. but nothing to identify. With Giger, you could always tell, oh, that's a tentacle. That's a wire, that's a bone, and that's mechanically enhanced spine. Or something. And you did that copy/flip horizontal thing on the right side of your tile again. I busted your other tile on the Giger quilt for copy/flipping all three sides... By the way, do you have a tablet?
Re: eh...
i don't have a tablet. . yeah. kind of lame with the copy flip shit. hmm.. i'll never do it again. thanks for constructive critisism anyway.
you understood very well the giger style
why u have a so bad note?
i give a 5
Re: hey
thanks.. i don't know. i guess people just don't like me. ? :) :P

Top blend
There's a distinct dark line along the green in between those cables/lashes on your tile that isn't present in the border given to you. There's similar goings on all four borders, along with a 16 pixel wide mirror on the right that stands out.

Assuming you are using Photoshop, use the smudge tool with "Use All Layers" toggled on and smudge in at least 2 pixels all the way around the border before you start. This assures a seamless blend before you even lay down what you want to do to the tile. The mirror trick works, but I don't recommend doing all 16 pixels... do maybe 4 pixels at most so you can hide it with your own content.

I like the feel of what is in the middle, but as said above, it doesn't incorperate the borders (which is a must for 4 border tiles, at least in my book).