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This tile is from A Tribute to H. R. Giger

Comment: My own game
Checked out at: January 21, 2002
Checked in at: January 22, 2002
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one of the best tiles i ever did (if not the best), in my personal opinion
Re: -
I disagree for some reason. I just don't think it's the best. The background is too choppy or something.
I like it, but
I think you could have left the sig in the border, even though it is faint.
Female bitch
NO :((
this is definitely NOT Giger's style...
Re: NO :((
Perhaps not, but it's Gigerish. I think too many people are hung up on attempting to get an exact duplication of Giger's work. The quilt is called A Tribute, after all. A tribute doesn't have to be a carbon copy of another's work. It allows you to replicate your favorite parts of something and still add your own spin to it.
Re: Re: NO :((