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impressive site
I am amazed at the superior talent displayed by many of the tilers here. A friend showed me this site and every day I check it out, it seems to keep getting better.
question to Root????
Root or whomever:
Can you tell me how the favorites are tallied? I am a little confused as my top 4 were raga naga, jito, greg & root recently and then today it replaced Root to Net Critter without my voting again on one of her tiles (she was originally in the my first group)....just curious so I can understand how things work...Thanks!
be a gentleman :p
and help this personn
Re: shaun
Seems to be that some bot pics out by how many fives you have given to an especific tiler, or maybe by finding a promedy of scores u have given to a tiler.
I really havenĀ“t asked how it works, i mean i know it is some kinda of code, just that i dunno exactly how it works.
(bw i had to vote 5 on lots of reeaaaallly old tiles of your Jito to keep ya on my list ha ha ha)