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100 points!
been an iCE member (website member that is) for about a year now, and finally earned my first 100 points! just wanna say thanks to those who have me on their favorite tilers list and have given me coins. i enjoy seein the good criticism and comments that come from everyone, and all the art that comes from this joint. this community rules! ;)
Unfortunatly you website is down...
Let me know when it will be repaired.

BRAVO for your 100 points... I was really excited when I reached 100 too ;)
Re: Website...
thanx for showin interest. i got a new domain, and my new site is at mine.virtueone.com. its still a work in progress, but it should be finished before the new year.
Re: Re: Website...
Good... I'm waiting for images now!
If I can give you and advice... adjust the contrast of the grayscale picture... too much flat gray, not enough black or white. Keep me informed about your site.

And I still waiting to see your face in the self portrait quilt ;)
Re: Re: Re: Website...
thanx alot for the advice and checkin out my site! i know what you mean by the 'flat'ness of the image. i was wondering about that, thanx for the input. i just added a lil javascript that makes the main image change colors every 6 hours. hehe.

finally got a chance to grab a self-portrait tile. i think it came out alright, its symbolic of me, and looks like me a bit i guess. that quilt was a pretty cool idea.

u got a website up?
I dig your user photo a lot.
Re: nice
Cool. I've never been one to take/keep photos of myself. So I spent a little time to make sumfin specific for this page. Thanks for noticing and thanks for the comment.
Re: Re: nice
yup i liked it too :D very original and well designed it beds with the site perfectly.
Two Ravens
Re: Re: Re: nice
are u there