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This tile is from Self Portraits

Comment: Okay, there's a stamp above me, and an alien to my right. Exit, stage left.
By: gecko
Checked out at: October 29, 2002
Checked in at: October 30, 2002
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111's alien next to you, this corner looks like it's from the "beauty and the beast" quilt. nice job ;o)
no kidding
wow, are you really that beautiful? i like the use of orange and violet. a very pretty and striking color combination in my opinion. perfect! ;)
Re: no kidding
It looks a lot like me, but most of the details like little zits here and there and my hair always looking messed up in real life are missing because of the size of the portrait. On another note, if anyone uses the word 'beautiful' to describe me again, I'm gonna kick his/her ass. You have been warned!
Re: Re: no kidding
then don't draw such wonderful tiles of yourself! *covering ass* ;)
Just like I pictured you...
There's just something about you Judy that keeps me coming back and I see that it's the not just the artwork. XXX:)

Warmly, Eddie
Te ves muy bonita *y suspicas*
and i did not used the forbiden word :) he he =)

please don´ kill me *he begs in despair*, good use of colors, and expresion, (since u don´t draw too many human portraits, it is a pleasure so see one)

Re: Te ves muy bonita *y suspicas*
Max, I know what bonita means. It's a type of fish.
Re: Re: Te ves muy bonita *y suspicas*
Google translate (BETA): ©2002 Google blablabla... give you this result:
'You see yourself very pretty *and suspicas*' but you must understand something like: You're more beautifull than I thought (quotation)...

Maybe you're right afterthought ;)

Re: Re: Re: Te ves muy bonita *y suspicas*
I knew what it meant, glyt. ;p
Re: Re: Re: Re: Te ves muy bonita *y suspicas*
are they trying to say you look fishy?

I really think you should have added a little mini-dragon somewhere tho.. like, looking up from behind your head or something...
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Te ves muy bonita *y suspicas*
i tryed to say u look "pretty and fishy" cause the expresion on the eyebrow looks suspicios like if u where analaizing some situacion,

"You're more beautifull than I thought" is not what i meant i thinked that u were beautiful before the portrait was on-line, but hell i am surpriced of all the interpretations that camed out of my comment he he =) :P

bw i like fishy expresions.

(i know i can´t use the *word* but...i had to explain=)
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re....
In fact the only Spanish sentence I really master is...
Ona cerveza fria por favor ;) My Spanish 101 class is far away...
Mystety user
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re....
cold beer, uh huh
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re....
he he he lol, hey it is always good to be able to ask for a cold beer in a foreing country:)
My favorite so far ... what a sly look of "WTF". And I think you look nothing like a fish, BTW.

Of course, this shows you only from the shoulders up.
I love the shading
Excellent use of orange and purple, so smooth, so slick, and gotta love how you captured the expression of "I'll just be going now..."

Keep it up, Beautiful =x

don't you see we were born to be each other's happiness, this is the way of gods, they see us climbing hand by hand tha etc
Wait til' I draw some more, I really want to give you all my future coins for this BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL TILE. Because you are so goddamn BEAUTIFUL, i've never met a girl whose BEAUTY kicked me off reels SO MUCH. You are beautiful! I guess I'll come for a visit on my vacation in December. Be home please :) Your eyes are so beautiful, and the way you say 'kick ass' is just the thing I can't stand!... You are the most beautiful creature on Earth, we kgggg aeeee nnmpt...
Re: don't you see we were born to be each other's happiness, this is the way of gods, they see us climbing hand by hand tha etc
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! You may or may not have a restraining order to deal with soon. :)
Re: Re: don't you see we were born to be each other's happiness, this is the way of gods, they see us climbing hand by hand tha etc
well, they won't keep me from getting my meaning of life, the eternal love that would etc :)
my two cents worth...
ok, it's getting kinda scary now dude. you're freaking me out, you sound like a stalker. stop and think about what you are doing for awhile... then chill out.

Re: my two cents worth...
Oh my god, looks like this time I went too far. Sorry Judy, sorry everyone, but this is going pretty dangerous...
Do I really sound like this? :)
No, it's ok actually, I'm no maniac or something, it's just the way I have fun :)
Yeah, what a nice way - to make people think you're..you know :)

I'm not the kind of person who eats and/or rapes dead bodies etc.
It's just because my life is miserable, and it's driving me insane, and I just need to do such things to free myself from the bonds of mindrotting horror aaaaaaaahhhhh. The sad part is that it doesn't help :\


P.P.S. just kidding :)

P.P.P.S the last one was about it all :)

P.P.P.P.S. great tile, anyway :)

P.P.P.P.P.S. :)
Re: my two cents worth...
ejem; all i can say is Oh.... dear..... God.....:?
and i agree with Tony...yipes!!!
Re: Re: my two cents worth...
am I that great?.. =)))__ _ _
Re: Re: Re: my two cents worth...
Trust me Yer' all fucked up, dude........
Re: Re: Re: Re: my two cents worth...
that's what all you people say after 20 minutes of knowing me :)
calm down, boyo!
Re: Re: Re: Re: my two cents worth...
*NOTE* Here lies LongIslandEddie's shortest post of all time.
nice tile ... Ill beat you someday |=] !

on a side note : You guys are nuts =x
Exit, stage left
Quoting Rush, or do I assume to much?
Re: Exit, stage left
I don't know, I thought I was quoting the Pink Panther, but he may have been imitating someone too...
Re: Re: Exit, stage left
Snagglepuss the cartoon mountain lion used to say that 40 some years ago... don't know where he got it from but that's older than the Pink Panther :o)
Re: Re: Re: Exit, stage left
I learn something new every day 0_o

=) :D
Re: Re: Re: Exit, stage left
Maybe it was Snagglepus. He was a cat too, right? Eh. Oh well. I was quoting some cartoon, that's all I know at this point. o_O
Re: Re: Re: Re: Exit, stage left
It seems to be a quite widely used expression actually. Didn't know that. I'd be nice if you were making a Rush reference, though. Prog rock, surrealism, quilts. Coolness.

Oh well. Pink Panther's just as good. ^(oo)^
Was bored and was browsing the site until I found this tile (I have no idea how I got here :).
Just wanted to say that I really love the use of color vs. shading on this one.
Great continuation and idea.
Had I been able to vote here, you'd get a 6 (don't tell me you can't get a 6. I have DB access ;) *hides from Slothy's wrath*).
Re: Hum.
LOL man :)
(and the amount commets on this tile keeps going towards infinitum he he) :)