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Comment: My filter to the world
Checked out at: October 24, 2002
Checked in at: October 24, 2002
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that's definitely an abstract self portrait ... i love it 5+ :o)
Re: roflmao
i love this as well!!! ;)
Re: roflmao
cool, love it:) 5
pollution had taken over the world :) original, and i like the title of the tile, one can interpretate the meaning of it in very imaginative ways 5 is my score for this one.
( school takes out most of my time of, and my tiling time too, darn i hope i make at least one tile for the mainquilt. :(
A question...
Do you realise that you make a heart shaped filter in your mask???
Probably... off course!
Re: A question...
yupp... that's my filter ... my lovefilter... and there is a rose in my right eye too but that's really hard to see...

Blue Indigo
Re: Re: A question...
lover boy! how romantic isn't that! great tile,,,
Great portrait !
Is it a love muzzle (because you can't control yourself), or does it filter out love (because you receive too much or from the wrong source). Or is it a purifier (allowing only high-grade love), or a protection (from the all the beasties that ride through with love, physical and mental)?

Whichever, it's very cool. 5+