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This tile is from Self Portraits

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By: 111
Checked out at: October 29, 2002
Checked in at: October 29, 2002
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is this serious?
do you really think this tile worth 1.5?
Re: is this serious?
it feels very abruptly blended from the left but I think it's worth a 4 atleast... I'm giving it a five anyways...
Re: Re: is this serious?
ditto :o)
Re: is this serious?
I have a hard time believing you look like a fetus.
Re: Re: is this serious?
hahahahahaha. still a really good tile. i dont think anyone said your portrait had to be realistic... or should it? i hadn't planned on doing a realistic one, mostly because i dont have a mirror or any pictures of myself. fantastic work!
Smelling like a rose...
For my two cents, the tile is a natural 4. Could've been a five perhaps if you had made the left border lend itself to filling out an evident sleeve attempt in your field. I'm sure that you recognized the neckline visible in your incoming border at the top but although you could see clearly that the neckline connected to the shoulder, you might have thought that you could define the folds of the sleeve within your background instead of those red floaty things that tend to confuse the eye.

It's a good tile that could have been better but then, so are most of mine and I don't let it bother me one fucking bit! But you can keep the 4...
Re: Smelling like a rose...
i'm really sorry about left border, i have just forgotten about it

but i like that freak above me very much:)
Blue Indigo
Wake up 111!

The matrix has you!

Follow the orange gecko.

Re: Wake up 111!
agree lol :D

and hello u too my friend :)
Judging from the scores, i guess people just don't like symbolism on this quilt. An excellent tile, but I guess that the left border has to drop my vote from five to four.