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Comment: 15 Minutes of fame
Checked out at: October 24, 2002
Checked in at: October 24, 2002
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Die, punk, I knew I would get stuck next to you on this quilt. I should've known from the tacky stamp border it was you. I had it, deep in the back of my mind... but no.. I couldn't help it... the orange and blue violet color scheme was too much for me to resist... haha. ... Damn it.
Great Stamp...
... my portrait is above of yours, I feel honoured of that presence, seriously. Hope my tile won't look too bad, it's kinda bland.
I like the stamp idea for a portrait quilt.
Coolest eyes ever!!! 5+
Re: Great Stamp...
Ireen: mine's above yours ... hope i didn't mess up your hairline too badly again [haha, i made you bald headed in 'beauty and beasts'].

Eddie: from the score i'd say it didn't go over as well as planned... maybe the voters felt that the stamp's perforations and text delineate your tile's edges too much in context.

personally though, i freaking love the concept, and probably couldn't have resisted doing the same thing if i'd thought of it! ;o)
Re: Re: Great Stamp...
i'd say creative, but better reserved for something else. I want to see YOU but I can't focus on the art because the red wavy lines and text is damn annoying. seems like it would have been better how it was, without the stamp idea... are you a postman?
Thank you Tony.....
I'm both thrilled and honored for the coin. Thanks Tony!
All of this hubub.....
I too stand among those of you who are somewhat disappointed in my tile.
Not that it would ever be like ME to defend anything that I do (hargh,) but
let me offer this self criticism in lieu of a proper self portrait...

Having grabbed one of the first tiles offered before the rules were properly set down, I immediately pondered the best way to piss the maximum amount of people off. Insofar as I understood the administrators wishes, that each tile would contain at least one headshot of one person, I realized that no matter how the quilt was viewed, it would still come off as devoted squares and individual miniatures. No matter how much background and border blending was done, the quilt would most probably appear modular to the casual viewer.

I further reasoned that, by leaving my outbleed edges perforated, it might incite neighbors to join in the madness and thus I wouldn't be alone for the ass-kicking! I do feel that the postmark was redundant because if the copy and the perforations didn't speak of stamps, well, the postmark wouldn't have helped at all. Basically, I felt that there would be no harm in sticking my neck out (for once) but most probably, because I'm a sensationalist, completely incapable of generating a hand rendered likeness of myself.

No, I'm not a postal worker, hell, I've never even had an Anthrax shot or been disgruntled with my co-workers and I don't have a handgun. I guess that staring long enough at the border motif, (the little squares) is what started me off in that direction, let me assure you that it had little or nothing to do with creativity! I'm willing to chalk it up to experience if you guys are and if anyone feels that my tile detracts from the quality of the quilt, I'd be more than happy to resubmit a new one.

For better or for worse, I still feel that this is how we learn and thank you for helping me learn...

Tada......- Eddie
Only dead people are are allowed to be on US stamps.
Let me assure you.....
Even my Pecker lives........