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Comment: i'm a little off
By: greg
Checked out at: October 24, 2002
Checked in at: October 24, 2002
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i never thought of you as a
waaaay cool dude!!! 5+ :o)
Re: i never thought of you as a tie guy
...sorry... the words "tie guy" got cut off of my previous post's title
[i guess cause i used quotation marks in the subject line]...

then when i read it it sounded like i was saying that i had never thought of you as cool... eeek

anyway... you're cool, the tile is waaaay cool and hopefully the whole quilt turns out even half as good as your tile. :o):o):o):o)
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Re: Re: i never thought of you as a tie guy
well, I thought I should look nice for the picture and put on a tie ;)
thanks, tony
Here's another fantastic tile from one of the great masters here!
Your work is as usual, fantastic and always so well executed. For almost a year I've had a mental picture of you but it's a comfort to see you as you see yourself. As far as being a little "off" as you call it, I'm still giving you a five because there's nothing "off" on this tile (from my monitor).
I had thought that Oskar was the first to submit a tile to this quilt, something in his comment the other day but I should have known that you would be there waiting at the very moment that Sean offered the quilt! You're quite an artist Greg and I hope that you go far in the digital media field! Stay well my friend...
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Re: Greg....
If anything Ed, the tile's a bit rushed and proportionally inaccurate, but that's just how I work sometimes.
and then I was the third tile actually. right next to primal and in the same row with you, which is cool by me. I always appreciate the encouragement, man.
Re: Re: Greg....
it will be an honor to stand next to you... tho, my outfit is a little more... odd =)
nice work, first visible
he he i like it, i did not imaged that u looked this way nice murky smile :)

he he guess who has his hed over your´s :)

i like your tecnique aplicated to a non-terror-skull field :D, o great master of the higthlighs and transparencies:)

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Re: nice work, first visible
you flatter me, max. I'm glad to hear you'll be floating up in the clouds :)
expression! haha. perfect tile man, didn't expect the tie either, lol!