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This tile is from Self Portraits

Comment: Yes, I really am that creepy looking
By: Mantic
Checked out at: November 20, 2002
Checked in at: November 20, 2002
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juar that is an amazing pice of work
darn i hate not to have coins to give away :)

The irregular cyan outline make me think you've just cut'n paste you face from another paint you have done earlier but the result is so nice... I can't punish you for that ;)
I did the background layer first, continuing the line frome above in a bezier curve (to just under where my chin wound up). Painting over that, however, I wound up losing the cyan as it moved down the tile, so I brought the colour into my face with reflected light (intending something of a mad monk or devious magician look). The 'bloom' at the edges were there from the start in greyscale as a means of enhancing the edge line separating my head from the background. Since I wanted to bring the cyan across I used it in the bloom as well, taking additional advantage of the high colour contrast against the ruddy tones of flesh and hair.
Re: Nope
Thank for the explanation... I beleive you ;)
long hair and a beard! too cool for school! :)
You look just like my teacher a long time ago.
Re: lol
you're not talking about mr. emery, are you? uh... never mind