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This tile is from Self Portraits

Comment: fist picture i made in ... almost 6 months so dont be too harsh. i´m a bit rusty =P
Checked out at: November 28, 2002
Checked in at: November 28, 2002
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Er... I feel like Rapunzel
Conceptually this is a cool use of the leads, and for the most part it's a neat/cute image.

But the (excessively) low scores probably reflect two things: most folks here spent a lot of time making very polished tiles while yours has some rough spots, looking incomplete or rushed -- especially seeing what you are capable of. And the image is iconic. Not necessarily bad, that, but deviation from portraiture has cost points for a lot of the tiles.
I love this
The blending of the hair is just a bit off, but otherwise it's just great. I'd give a coin if i had one, he's just so happy and cute looking. :-)
That has to be the cutest tiler yet! =D