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Comment: ireenpix
Checked out at: October 25, 2002
Checked in at: October 26, 2002
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i like-
-ed the way i wich u continuend the idea of the post stamp of Eddie, good job :) (bw nice impresionist tecnique) 5
Re: i like-
Thanks, but this is the kind of picture that you love when you send it off, and now i'm beginning to dislike it more and more. I cut off Eddie's head, the transformation from impresssionist to visible "pixel"-style isn't extreme enough, and, by the way, it doesn't look like me.
Re: Re: i like-
i agree with Luis, i like the impressionistic style on the left. i wouldn't worry too much about cutting off Eddie's head, the stamp perforations had already done that pretty much.

which tile looks more like you, this one or "hey, you got beauti... hair!"??
[ minus the beard of course ;o]
you should post a picture on your member page so we can compare.
Re: Re: Re: i like-
Since we ARE talking about self-portraits... actually, I look more like "hey, you got beauti... hair!", but hair/complexion/no-makeup-wise I look more like this one.
I won't post my picture on my member page because it would mean to link to my homepage, which is in German (I assume nobody would understand it anyhow) and because I'm a school teacher and try to keep job stuff and some private (including internet identities) things seperate.
You're my teacher!!!
No... I'm kidding. This one was too easy ;)
Re: Hahhaha!!!
Did you do your homework? ;-)
i like the art style, nice portrait. however, i despise the pixelation effect, and don't particularly like how eddie's border was continued. i vote 3.