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This tile is from Tribute to Salvador Dali

Comment: cruz cruz, cross.
Checked out at: April 20, 2002
Checked in at: April 20, 2002
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i wish i could see real colors :(((

soo frustrated

5 !

ps: you quickly understood how
the things works jejeje
i remember your first tile ... ;) + :p
VERY impressive.
Re: wow
Thaks it seams that i finally get my blendig OK, maybe was my ego that did not wanted to surrender to the borders, then i thougth, lets take this easy and everythig started to fall into his place.

Thanks for the comments Jito, i hope that you fix your monitor, your drawings are very good to compite with.

Thaks for the invitation to the quilt Root88.
(i hope to be to be invited to others if posible)
i canĀ“t vote on this tile because im not good enough but this is really you best tile so far, if you keep blending like this you'll be sure to get alot of fives! anyway good luck on the mainquilt and the invite only quilts...

Re: nice thanks rain
Thanks rain i apresiate the comments! :)